Winning in the Digital Economy

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April 2014
As China goes digital, consumers are changing their behaviors. Companies need to know where and how to interact with these consumers—both online and off.
October 2013
Brick-and-mortar grocers that dismiss the potential of online grocery sales risk being left behind. Follow our four-point game plan to build a successful online business.
July 2013
While online retailers have built their businesses around digital and mobile technologies, click-and-mortar companies have their own ace to play—the power and reach of omnichannel interaction.
May 2013
Companies that don’t keep pace with the demand for more and better online interaction will fall further behind as mobile technology gains commercial traction.
Spotlight on Education
April 2014
Schools striving to integrate instructional technologies in the classroom can achieve better student outcomes by applying four key building blocks.
January 2014
The shift to online learning has given U.S. publishers a once-in-a-decade opportunity to expand their share of the $1 trillion spent each year on education.
Marketing Effectiveness
January 2014
Companies that determine how to exploit the digital revolution under way in the B2B marketplace can establish strong positions in the sales and distribution value chain of the future.
June 2013
Manufacturers are selling their products in a “multichannel” world that requires a much more strategic use of pricing and trade investments than was common in the past.
May 2013
In an increasingly ROI-driven industry, agencies that can translate efficiency gains into added value and superior performance for their clients attain an increasingly important competitive advantage.

Focus on Financial Services

September 2013
The COO discusses her transformation of Aviva’s IT and how the company is leveraging digitization to create business value.
August 2013

Rapidly evolving digital capabilities—particularly mobile, social-media, big-data, and cloud technologies—offer financial services companies entirely new opportunities for understanding, serving, and engaging customers.

August 2013
Digitization affords financial services companies exciting opportunities for increasing customer-centricity. But the journey entails overcoming challenges, says one of the realm’s leading thinkers.

 The Media Industry
December 2013
To stay relevant in today’s “always on,” borderless, and fast-paced digital-media industry, public-service broadcasters must become leading providers of content across all media.
April 2013
European media consumption is moving online, and economic value is following. Media producers are looking at a significant opportunity through multiple business models, both old and new.
February 2013
The media industry in the U.S. is primed to enter another golden age as the “consumer surplus” from online media continues to grow.
Technology Leaders in
Small Business
October 2013
There is a clear correlation between aggressive adoption of new technologies and strong business performance among small and midsize enterprises. Leaders far outperform their peers in the marketplace.
October 2013
New data highlight the impact of small and midsize enterprises on economic growth and job creation and the role of technology in enhancing these companies’ performance.