Winning in the Digital Economy

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Digital Marketing

July 2015
As programmatic advertising gains a growing share of the digital market, publishers that fully embrace this fast-rising opportunity benefit from revenue gains and a stronger long-term market position.
March 2015
Display retargeting from paid search ads can reduce cost per action by 40 percent. Advertisers that don’t use this advanced technique are leaving money on the table.
September 2014
Advertisers that use advanced targeting techniques reach an engaged audience in ways that increase relevance and enhance the consumer experience.

Industry Focus: Banking

April 2015
BCG’s fifth annual operational-excellence benchmarking survey, involving 15 of the world's 35 top retail banks, explores four trending practices of leading institutions.
April 2015
By signing a ten-year outsourcing deal with IBM, ABN AMRO is making a major commitment to a new way of working that is built on standardization, simplification, and trust.The agreement represents a coming of age of cloud technology and standards within the banking industry.
February 2015
By 2019, mobile money could be a $1.5 billion market in sub-Saharan Africa, which has a large unbanked population. Here’s how banks and mobile operators should prepare.
March 2015
Retail banks today must provide digital functionality for speed and convenience, as well as thoughtful human interaction when the customer demands it. Retail banks must become, in a word, bionic.
Value Creation and Growth
The Connected World
December 2014
Unlike start-ups that can singularly focus on disruptive opportunities, incumbent technology, media, and telecom companies must walk a tightrope. They must sustain their legacy businesses while finding ways to take advantage of disruption.
January 2014
The BCG e-Friction Index quantifies the factors inhibiting growth in the Internet economy, allowing policymakers, businesses, and other stakeholders to “grease the wheels” by addressing the sources of friction.
December 2014
Amid slowing growth, technology companies struggle to find new sources of value creation. The right strategic levers can help energize growth and fuel competitive advantage.
May 2013
Companies that don’t keep pace with the demand for more and better online interaction will fall further behind as mobile technology gains commercial traction.

Marketing Effectiveness

September 2014
A well-crafted multichannel marketing strategy that effectively coordinates all communications with physicians can help pharmaceutical companies boost their bottom lines and reduce expenses.
June 2014
A new BCG methodology gives mobile operators greater accuracy than traditional approaches in optimizing pricing levels. The key: identifying—and leveraging—how consumers really make purchasing decisions.
August 2014
For telcos, convergence too often promised more than it could deliver: competitors could easily replicate fixed-mobile bundles, and price wars doomed success. A new approach changes the equation.
January 2014
Companies that determine how to exploit the digital revolution under way in the B2B marketplace can establish strong positions in the sales and distribution value chain of the future.
September 2014
Barriers to cross-border e-commerce are falling away, and online retailers, carriers, and other service providers are gearing up to compete in an effectively borderless world.
August 2014
With nearly one-half of growth over the next five years coming from digital channels, CPG manufacturers risk losing control of their margins, share, and brand equity.
April 2014
As China goes digital, consumers are changing their behaviors. Companies need to know where and how to interact with these consumers—both online and off.