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December 2013
Chinese travelers will take 1.7 billion trips and spend $1.8 trillion by 2030. Forward-looking companies are developing strategies for gaining a share of this booming market.
March 2013
U.S. Millennials will enter their peak period of earning, spending, and traveling in five to ten years. Forward-looking companies are developing targeted strategies and tactics now.
April 2013
A recent BCG survey revealed the top hedging challenges that senior procurement executives face. This article reviews the survey’s findings and offers guidelines for addressing those challenges.

Industry Focus: Automotive

January 2014
By 2015, we expect some 60 percent of new cars to be “connected”—just one of the developments marking a new era of automotive innovation.
October 2013
Established markets offer slow or no growth, while the best opportunities in BRICs have been taken. Where next for automotive companies seeking fresh growth?
July 2013
Russia’s auto industry is back from the brink of collapse. Can it ride the recovery to emerge as a truly global competitor?
July 2013
It will become increasingly important for airlines to identify which changes and innovations are creating real value as they look to unbundle more prices and services.
October 2012
Ongoing turbulence in the airline industry and a changing competitive landscape are forcing all industry players to rethink their strategies.
May 2013
Four cutting-edge solutions have the potential to transform future travel and transportation. But while these solutions draw largely on existing technology, they face significant implementation hurdles.
September 2012
Connectivity is blooming among institutions, industries, and individuals. The World Economic Forum is exploring the implications for businesses and policymakers.
Business Model Innovation
March 2014
When traditional growth levers—such as product extension and pricing—become less effective, it’s time to embrace business model innovation.
July 2013
Private-sector companies can learn a lot from the social sector about business model transformation. Here are ten key lessons drawn from nonprofit innovators.
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