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Transportation, Travel, & Tourism

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January 2016
Airlines lose a big opportunity when they focus on headcount, wages, and benefits to control costs. Instead, by increasing the productivity of the pilots and flight attendants who work every flight, they can improve efficiency and customer service—while reducing labor costs as well.

Digital Technology and the Travel Industry

January 2016
Most airports are experimenting, but few are undertaking fundamental digital transformations that can improve passengers’ travel experience and airports’ operating efficiency.
June 2014
Travel companies that act quickly to build on mobile’s transformative reach and impact can gain significant first-mover advantage.
June 2014
One out of every five minutes spent on a mobile device in the U.S. is spent on a Facebook property. Lee McCabe of Facebook discusses the mobile opportunity for travel companies.

Industry Focus: Automotive

April 2015
The first generation of autonomous vehicles is coming soon to a highway near you. Is the automotive industry ready for a revolution?
September 2014
As the Chinese auto market enters a new phase, domestic and foreign automakers will have to work hard to secure the loyalty of current customers.
August 2014
The automotive industry is bouncing back impressively from the financial crisis. But to sustain the comeback, companies need global scale, innovative products, and stable finances.
January 2014
Some 60 percent of new cars may soon be “connected”—just one of the developments marking a new era of automotive innovation.
March 2015
The eagerly anticipated uplift has not yet materialized, as companies continue to grapple with challenges stemming from overcapacity and a highly fragmented industry structure.
March 2015
To build a competitive edge for the future, shipping companies need to understand the business case for switching to environmentally friendlier options for marine fuel.
May 2014
A BCG-WEF report details how four innovations can dramatically improve travel, trade, and tourism—and create huge benefits for businesses and society.
October 2013
BCG’s Philipp Gerbert and Antonella Mei-Pochtler show how digital and physical infrastructure are critical to the growth of companies and countries alike.
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