Transportation, Travel, & Tourism

Transportation, Travel, & Tourism


Transportation, Travel, & Tourism

The Airline Industry

August 2016
With the wealth of consumer data at their disposal, airlines have an enormous opportunity to build deep customer loyalty rooted in a personalized experience.
August 2016
Europe’s airlines are headed for turbulence. Shrewd carriers will explore options for collaboration and consolidation while the pool of available partners offers the best opportunities.
January 2016
Airlines lose a big opportunity when they focus on headcount, wages, and benefits to control costs. Instead, by increasing the productivity of the pilots and flight attendants who work every flight, they can improve efficiency and customer service—while reducing labor costs as well.

Editor’s Choice

December 2015
After cutting costs during the recession, many travel and tourism companies are taking advantage of the current increase in demand and delivering strong returns to investors.
October 2015
Companies employing revenue management have experienced revenue increases of up to 10%. But individual companies vary widely in their performance.
July 2015
Transportation has become the top concern of supply chain leaders at consumer packaged goods companies. A strategic approach to transportation is now a must.
May 2015
Although not a magic bullet for boosting railway performance, an effective model for allocating subsidies between infrastructure managers and train-operating companies can complement traditional performance-optimization levers.

Industry Focus: Automotive

July 2016
Cities are where self-driving vehicles can fundamentally change—for the better—how people live, work, and get around. The question is, how big will the urban self-driving revolution be?
May 2016
The stunning consumer response to Tesla’s new Model 3 has already shaken up the automotive world. Competitors should start studying the company's innovative business model.
February 2016
Car sharing is disrupting the automotive market. While not a game changer, it will reduce new-vehicle sales by about 1% by 2021.


February 2016
To effectively optimize their logistics networks, major B2B enterprises must forgo their siloed view of those networks. Five key levers can help.
June 2015
As much as 10% of container traffic between East Asia and the US could shift from West Coast ports to East Coast ports by 2020.
July 2015
With growing transport congestion a global megatrend, smart companies are taking control of their fate with strategic, game-changing actions that cut time and costs from the supply chain.
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