The Transformation Framework in Action

November 2016
For companies on the brink, standard approaches to transformation are not enough. Instead, the leadership team must launch a turnaround or restructuring effort that can generate fast results.

Digital Transformation

April 2017
To transform themselves from “hardware” manufacturers into mobility solutions providers, automakers must follow tech industry rules.

Funding the Journey
December 2016
More big companies undertake portfolio transformation at some point than many people realize, and success rates are high—better than 50%.

Winning in the Medium Term
July 2015
Companies have applied BCG’s Exercising for Excellence approach to reduce the costs of support functions by up to 35% while increasing productivity by approximately 50%.
December 2015
Organizing for Sustained Performance
November 2016
Change programs have become more prevalent and complex, but the results are often disappointing. Enter the Change Delta, a versatile approach based on the principles of Smart Simplicity.
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