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August 2012
Women are still not well represented in top management. Research from BCG reveals systematic ways to ensure that more women become experienced, capable corporate leaders.
October 2011
Organizations must have the vision, courage, and drive to make the “what if” of leadership a reality, BCG Fellows Roselinde Torres and Jean-Michel Caye explain on the Financial Times website.
October 2011
In a commentary on the Financial Times website, BCG’s Roselinde Torres and Jean-Michel Caye explore how the new adaptive-leadership model is well aligned with some skills that women typically possess.

Trading Up/Trading Down

April 2006
How do female consumers seek harmony, value, and connection to brands? An excerpt from Treasure Hunt: Inside the Mind of the New Consumer, by BCG's Michael J. Silverstein. 
October 2003
Even during a recession, consumers desire—and will pay a premium for—superpremium and “mass prestige” products that satisfy emotional as well as functional needs.
May 2006
Consumers are hunting for more than bargains: they are trading down to low-priced goods, trading up to premium products, and avoiding low-value items in the middle.

The Female Consumer

August 2011

In a Harvard Business Review article, BCG Fellow Michael J. Silverstein explores the needs of the consumers who control more than 70 percent of total spending: women.

January 2010

Women constitute the fastest-growing global market. But as BCG's Michael J. Silverstein writes in the Wall Street Journal, most businesses are managed by men and often don't understand their female consumers.

July 2011
The next ten years will bring unprecedented opportunity in China’s fashion market. Now is the time for aspiring players to rethink their strategies.
September 2009

A BCG expert discusses the crucial data that formed the basis for Women Want More.

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