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On Digital Transformation—
From Black Box to Crystal Clear
on Moving to Become a Digital Lighthouse in the Beverage Industry
An Interview with Centrica’s David Cooper and Daljit Rehal


April 2017
Large companies that want to bring deep-tech startups into the fold need to consider carefully the particular needs of these young operations.
April 2017
Most deep-tech startups don’t fit comfortably into corporate-venturing systems. Here are six areas in which corporate sponsors need to assess their readiness for deep-tech collaboration.

Digital Product Design

April 2017
Is your IT team struggling to implement large, enterprise-wide projects on time and under budget? By changing tactics, companies can save millions each year.
April 2017
The design strategist and author of Well Designed: How to Use Empathy to Create Products People Love argues that design thinking is the best tool we have to drive disruption.
April 2017
The product strategist and author of Inspired: How to Create Products Customers Love has designed products for some of the world’s most successful companies. In this interview, he shares his secrets of success.

Building Cyberresilience

January 2017
Boards can play a critical role in maximizing an organization’s cyberresilience—its ability to weather and recover gracefully from almost inevitable security breaches.

Building Digital Capabilities

March 2017
Less than 30% of corporate customers say that their digital suppliers meet their transformation needs. Suppliers have plenty of room to raise their game.

Focus on Agile

August 2016
Two-speed IT was a great intermediate stage, letting companies gain experience in agile processes while retaining traditional development methods. But now it’s time to take the next step, to all-agile.
August 2016
If agile is failing to deliver results, look to your product owners. More often than not, they are the weak link when agile development stagnates.
February 2016
A few large companies are figuring out how to make this fast and iterative form of software development work.

More on Digital

October 2016
To successfully navigate the “technology economy,” senior executives must measure success in the virtual world just as carefully as success in the physical world.
March 2016
Corporate IT departments could play a vital role in their companies’ digital campaigns. But to secure that position, they will have to develop new capabilities and expertise.
May 2016
Technology can help companies improve customer service by tracking the channels customers have used and the information they’ve shared about their needs and problems.
May 2016
The barriers to universal internet access—including significant costs—are real, and overcoming them will not be easy. But the consequences of inaction could be even greater.

Industry Spotlights

December 2016
The winners will approach the race to Industry 4.0 as a series of sprints but manage their program as a marathon.