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The CEO Agenda

July 2015
Public companies in the US have a one-in-three chance of not surviving the next five years. What can CEOs do to drive both performance and longevity?
May 2015
New CEOs and senior executives often take over with a mandate for change. A structured four-step process can help them launch a transformation program and improve performance in a sustainable way.
November 2014
A new and more complex phase of globalization has begun. Rather than determine whether their companies should go global, CEOs must now figure out how they can do so in a way that works for the long term.
November 2014
Corporate boards seem increasingly willing to appoint CEOs who are relatively unseasoned but forward-looking executives. The success of such fast-track promotions relies heavily on a rigorous CEO-readiness program.
March 2014
New CEOs are particularly vulnerable during their second year. Their survival may depend more on their credibility—and on making a number of bold strategic moves—than on results.
HR Excellence
July 2015
In today’s competitive business environment, HR organizations need to adopt a more innovative and active role. Four specific measures can help.
December 2014
This report, published in conjunction with the World Federation of People Management Associations, identifies three common themes that characterize top-performing HR functions.
December 2014
Three case studies illustrate how leading HR departments can take on a greater strategic role within organizations and help them compete more effectively.
Global Talent
October 2014
A survey conducted by BCG and The Network shows that 64 percent of workers around the world would take a job abroad—and generally not for economic reasons. For HR executives, the emerging trends have huge implications.
July 2014
Significant imbalances in the demand for labor and its supply threaten 25 of the world’s major economies. Here are BCG’s projections—country by country—along with proposed remedies.
Organizing for Success
July 2015
Companies have applied BCG’s Exercising for Excellence approach to reduce the costs of support functions by up to 35 percent while increasing productivity by approximately 50 percent.
March 2014
Cost reduction efforts can be daunting, and management teams need clarity on the scope of potential gains—and how best to achieve their objectives.
February 2014
In a fast-changing world, CEOs need to build or strengthen their companies’ capabilities to win, and they must do so in an enduring way.
Reducing Gender Inequality
November 2014
At a conference in Brazil, women in politics and business discussed how to improve the participation and representation of women in the political, social, and economic arenas.
October 2014
Social capital is critical to the success of entrepreneurs, but its particular importance for women—as well as how to develop it—isn’t well understood.

Leading in a Complex World

March 2014
These six leaders favor fluid decision making. They impart a directional vision for their organizations to follow. Finally, they embrace complexity rather than wish it away.
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