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The CEO Agenda

March 2017
Zero-based budgeting can deliver impressive savings, but the overriding goal should go beyond cost cuts to enable the company’s overall growth agenda.

HR in the Public Sector

January 2017

Why do public-sector workers tend to be so demoralized and disengaged? Because their organizations are strangled by rules. The cure: applying the principles of Smart Simplicity.

September 2016
Changes in the personnel practices of the US Department of Defense will have far-reaching implications not only for the rest of the civil service but also for the human resources departments of private companies.
July 2015
Governments often stumble when it comes to tapping the private sector to help job seekers find employment, but five factors can make such partnerships successful.

Reducing Gender Inequality

October 2016
Some of the world’s biggest and best-known companies are failing to sufficiently engage their employees—especially senior-level women. What can business leaders do to win the loyalty of their most promising female employees?

Organizing for Excellence

April 2016
Real life isn’t simple; rather, it’s complex and even messy. The same is true for business. Avoid watchwords like focus, streamline, and lean. Develop a truly diverse organization.
April 2016
Reorganization is a powerful lever for boosting company performance, but the results are often disappointing. A smart new approach dramatically increases the likelihood of success.
January 2016
Smart simplicity, supported by digital tools, can help unleash the productivity and engagement so desperately needed in the modern economy.

HR Excellence

October 2016
HR leaders must take on a more strategic role in response to big changes, such as the need to harness powerful data analytics and deal with a shift toward freelance work.
December 2015
How long did people spend looking for work in 2014? Which search channels did they like best? Learn the answers to those and other questions in this comprehensive report.
November 2015
To take advantage of social media recruiting, banks need to view the channel not simply as a brand-building vehicle but as a recruitment vehicle.
July 2015
In today’s competitive business environment, HR organizations need to adopt a more innovative and active role. Four specific measures can help.
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