The Management Agenda

June 2014
Products that address environmental or social concerns have gone mainstream and now take the lion’s share of profitable growth in groceries.
December 2013
What distinguishes companies that “walk the talk” on sustainability? Our latest joint report with MIT Sloan Management Review offers answers.
October 2013
Climate change has yet to become a very urgent issue for most companies—and only a few are preparing for its effects.
April 2013
An article in Harvard Business Review describes how companies follow three approaches to make their environmental efforts pay off financially.
February 2013
A BCG–MIT Sloan Management Review survey found that 23 percent of companies are not only profiting from their sustainability efforts but also changing their business models to generate that profit.

Sustainable Development

February 2014
As governments increasingly focus on the overall well-being, or standard of living, of their citizens, they are looking for ways to integrate well-being into policymaking.
November 2012
A new BCG methodology assesses how well countries are converting income growth into improved living standards for their citizens—and how well positioned they are to sustain progress.

The Future of Energy

June 2014
BCG examines the benefits and shortcomings of the emerging niche market for compressed-natural-gas vehicles in the U.S.
May 2014
The energy efficiency industry is poised for an extended period of double-digit growth, with particularly attractive opportunities in the commercial sector.
May 2014
Drawing from its work with the world’s leading subsea operators and suppliers, BCG outlines nine actions that companies can take to address the challenges of maturity.
July 2013
The emergence of solar photovoltaics paired with battery storage will present a wide range of opportunities and risks to commercial stakeholders.
March 2013
Germany’s transformation of its energy sector, which places a heavy emphasis on renewable-energy sources and distributed generation, could serve as a model for other countries.

Managing Resources

March 2014
Threatened by environmental challenges, the Baltic Sea region is well positioned for global leadership as an innovator in technology solutions that aid the environment.
April 2013
A recent BCG survey revealed the top hedging challenges that senior procurement executives face. This article reviews the survey’s findings and offers guidelines for addressing those challenges.