The Management Agenda

December 2013
What distinguishes companies that “walk the talk” on sustainability? Our latest joint report with MIT Sloan Management Review offers answers.
October 2013
Climate change has yet to become a very urgent issue for most companies—and only a few are preparing for its effects.
April 2013
An article in the Harvard Business Review describes how companies follow three approaches to make their environmental efforts pay off financially.

The Future of Energy

February 2014
Because of lower energy costs, the average U.S. household is saving as much as $725 a year. By 2020, annual savings could equal nearly 10 percent of discretionary income.
October 2013
With legislation and incentives in place, the effort to replace hydrocarbon-based transportation fuels and greenhouse gases with renewable biofuels and natural gas is under way.

Managing Resources

April 2013
A recent BCG survey revealed the top hedging challenges that senior procurement executives face. This article reviews the survey’s findings and offers guidelines for addressing those challenges.
October 2012

BCG, in collaboration with INSEAD and the World Economic Forum, has identified seven principles of resource management that are crucial in creating competitive advantage.

April 2013
Mining stakeholders have cooperated in developing a tool to mitigate the causes of disputes that disrupt mineral development, the World Economic Forum reports in collaboration with BCG.
March 2013
Soaring consumption in China and India offers opportunity as well as risk: heightened demand for commodities will “boomerang” worldwide, leading to resource shortages, inflation, and conflict.

The New Sustainability Champions

September 2012

Ramon Mendiola, CEO of a leading beverage producer and distributer in Costa Rica, explains how attending to the social dimension of his company’s products creates a competitive advantage.

September 2012
The managing director of Jain Irrigation explains how agricultural sustainability became a driving force in his company—and led to some creative expansion in the business.
September 2012
James Mwangi, CEO of Kenya’s Equity Bank, talks about how the bank embraced sustainability to expand its customer base without an enormous investment—and gained invaluable brand power.