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Family Business

March 2015
A family business can apply ten principles to guide a smooth succession that enables the business to continue to thrive for generations to come.
October 2014
To sustain their success, mature family businesses need agile governance and clear management structures, supported by a simple yet robust platform of processes and systems.
December 2012
Research featured in Harvard Business Review shows why many businesses would benefit from managing for resiliency like family companies do.

The Growth Imperative

October 2014
A new growth strategy is only as good as the people and organizational practices that support it. Here are five secrets that leaders can use to promote the cooperation and behavior that new growth initiatives require.
October 2014
Business model innovation is a powerful approach to driving growth and to capturing a more durable competitive advantage. Four success stories point the way.
October 2014
Successful serial acquirers deliver more growth and create more value from acquisitions than their peers. What explains their success?
July 2014
One of the most powerful tools available to CEOs and CFOs to promote growth is their company’s approach to capital allocation across its portfolio of businesses.
May 2014
Despite their many challenges, emerging markets will continue to drive global growth in many industries. Rather than scale back, companies must adapt to tougher competition.


November 2014
Transformation is now an imperative for most companies, necessitating fundamental change in strategy, operating model, organization, people, and processes. The right approach comprises three steps.
December 2013
To generate sustained growth in today’s environment, companies must transform their businesses preemptively, not defensively.
October 2013
Many corporate-transformation efforts fail to deliver lasting competitive advantage. BCG has identified the factors that lead to successful transformations—and the common traps that characterize failures.
Improving Strategic Decision Making
October 2014
By mastering the tools of data science—such as machine learning and pattern recognition—companies can devise fundamentally new ways of making decisions.
December 2013
BCG interviewed 48 CSOs from around the world to better understand how their roles and responsibilities vary depending on company size, industry sector, and CSO model.
September 2013
A good brainstorming session isn’t something that you jump into—it’s something you design. Here are five suggestions to help your team generate better ideas.
Intellectual Property Strategies
August 2014
The “IP truce” declared by Tesla Motors surprised many. BCG's IP strategic-intent framework illuminates the move and helps other companies chart smarter IP strategies.
September 2013
IP winners take a strategic and proactive approach, using IP as both an offensive and a defensive competitive weapon. Here are six key ways to manage the process.
Tapping New Sources of Advantage
February 2014
Some of today’s most dynamic companies compete in a fundamentally new way. They leverage evolvable algorithms, which self-tune to accumulated knowledge and changing circumstances.
August 2011
In today’s uncertain and changeable world, competitive advantage increasingly depends on agility. Explore BCG’s thinking on adaptive advantage as featured in Harvard Business Review.