Digital Strategy

June 2016
The banking industry’s structure is transforming to industry stacks, reflecting a shift from competition among vertically integrated companies to horizontal competition at each layer of the banking business.

The Growth Imperative

May 2016
The theme of BCG’s seventh annual European Strategy Leadership Summit was "Innovating for Growth: From Emerging to Mature Markets." Here are seven takeaways.
May 2015
BCG’s Sustainable Economic Development Assessment evaluates how effectively countries convert wealth into well-being relative to other countries—and raises important questions in the field of development.
October 2014
A new growth strategy is only as good as the people and organizational practices that support it. Here are five secrets that leaders can use to promote the cooperation and behavior that new growth initiatives require.
October 2014
Business model innovation is a powerful approach to driving growth and to capturing a more durable competitive advantage. Four success stories point the way.
October 2014
Successful serial acquirers deliver more growth and create more value from acquisitions than their peers. What explains their success?
July 2014
One of the most powerful tools available to CEOs and CFOs to promote growth is their company’s approach to capital allocation across its portfolio of businesses.

Improving Strategic Decision Making

April 2016
Now more than ever, companies need to devote time to strategy. But far too many strategic-planning processes fall short. It doesn’t have to be that way.
April 2015
Commoditization need not be the kiss of death. In fact, some companies faced with it flourish. There are five ways out of the doghouse of commoditization, each associated with a distinct competitive environment. Which one is right for you?
October 2014
By mastering the tools of data science—such as machine learning and pattern recognition—companies can devise fundamentally new ways of making decisions.
December 2013
BCG interviewed 48 CSOs from around the world to better understand how their roles and responsibilities vary depending on company size, industry sector, and CSO model.

Corporate Survival

February 2016
Understanding the principles that confer robustness in complex systems—such as tropical forests, stock markets, and even companies—can mean the difference between survival and extinction.
July 2015
Public companies in the US have a one-in-three chance of not surviving the next five years. What can CEOs do to drive both performance and longevity?


March 2016
A well-known brand and a unique business model are terrible things to waste. So why did the nonprofit organization give away both?
December 2015
Markets are changing faster than ever, and global innovators are vying for competitive advantage by accelerating their processes—and their adoption of new technologies.
December 2015
Technology-enabled innovation comes in many flavors, but the crux in all cases is the creation of create a platform that companies can leverage repeatedly to deliver impact.
December 2015
What are the priorities of global innovation executives? Our research revealed four key themes—and identified the 50 companies on this year's list of the most innovative worldwide.

Family Business

March 2016
BCG experts Vikram Bhalla and Nicolas Kachaner discuss the similarities and differences of family businesses across markets and how such businesses can learn from one another.
September 2015
To promote both strong capabilities and loyalty, family businesses must create processes to develop talent throughout the organization—and apply them rigorously and consistently.
June 2015
A charter can help a family business sustain its success, ensure smooth leadership transitions, and manage shareholder changes while building an enduring legacy for generations to come.