BCG Fellow Philip Evans on technology's potential to reshape industries.
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The Growth Imperative

January 2014
How have some companies found growth despite the odds? BCG research offers lessons from “uphill growers.”
December 2013
BCG’s new measure of word-of-mouth recommendation offers companies powerful insights that deliver top-line results.
August 2013
Emerging markets—and especially the BRICs—stand out as a bright spot in a dismal year for M&A. Learn how to succeed in these dynamic regions.
September 2013
Emerging markets are more important than ever for many multinational companies. Even so, multinationals have not mastered these markets, according to a recent BCG survey.
May 2010

How have key megatrends affecting business fared during the downturn? And which ones will provide momentum for breakthrough growth in the aftermath of the Great Recession?

BCG Classics Revisited

December 2013
The principles of time-based competition still hold—but today’s companies must be adaptive, as well as fast, in order to succeed.
May 2013
The experience curve theory still holds, particularly in specific industries. But to succeed in today’s environment, many companies need to develop an additional kind of experience.
December 2012
BCG founder Bruce Henderson’s rule, conceived in 1976, still holds valuable lessons for companies in many industries.
Improving Strategic Decision Making
Winning in Turbulent Times

Tapping New Sources of Advantage

February 2014
Some of today’s most dynamic companies compete in a fundamentally new way. They leverage evolvable algorithms, which self-tune to accumulated knowledge and changing circumstances.
December 2013
What distinguishes companies that “walk the talk” on sustainability? Our latest joint report with MIT Sloan Management Review offers answers.
August 2011
In today’s uncertain and changeable world, competitive advantage increasingly depends on agility. Explore BCG’s thinking on adaptive advantage as featured in Harvard Business Review.