Social Sector


Social Sector


Health & Hunger

December 2015
Chronic child hunger is one of the world's most complex problems. Smart Simplicity can be a powerful ally in tackling it.
January 2015
The results of pilot initiatives in Africa bode well for emerging economies that are looking to create cost-effective, sustainable health systems.
May 2014
Consumer products companies have been able to reach African consumers and win their hearts, minds, and loyalty. How can global health organizations adapt their strategies?
May 2014
The future of good-quality and sustainable health systems in Africa will depend on leapfrogging developed economies and providing better outcomes without accumulating inefficiencies along the way.


November 2015
School districts must close the gap between the engaging, relevant, and hands-on training that teachers and administrators want and the reality of disengagement with collaborative training on the ground.
March 2015
All too often in many countries, students do not get the education they must have to prosper in the twenty-first century. Education technology can help close this skills gap.
February 2014
Business leaders should help transform the U.S. education system, from preschool through grade 12. BCG, Harvard Business School, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation identify effective strategies.
May 2012
In virtually all countries—developed as well as developing—children in poverty have relatively fewer educational opportunities. How can this nearly universal problem of educational equity be addressed?

Business & the Social Sector

June 2015
An investment of $5.6 million in activities aimed at cutting costs and response times during emergencies is expected to deliver $12 million in savings.

Sustainable Economic Development 

May 2015
BCG’s Sustainable Economic Development Assessment evaluates how effectively countries convert wealth into well-being relative to other countries—and raises important questions in the field of development.
May 2015
Find out how your country measures up in terms of its citizens’ well-being according to BCG’s Sustainable Economic Development Assessment.
December 2014
In emerging economies, sanitation services are indispensable to a city’s development and competitive advantage. Given the high cost of traditional sewage systems, a mix of solutions is needed.
Social Business
November 2013
Applying business principles to social problems can significantly increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and financial sustainability of the solutions. Social businesses, which bridge the business and social sectors, offer lessons in delivering social impact alongside commercial benefits.
November 2013
With their focus on social impact and self-sustainability, social businesses can theoretically provide solutions to almost any social problem. BCG examines ten to understand their efficiency, effectiveness, and financial stability.
November 2013
The managing director of Danone India shares what he learned while leading Grameen Danone Foods, a social business in Bangladesh that sells fortified yogurt to combat child malnutrition.