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Education & Economic Development

April 2014
U.S. universities and colleges face a host of challenges. But a number of large and small experiments across the nation point the way forward.
February 2014
Business leaders should help transform the U.S. education system, from preschool through grade 12. BCG, Harvard Business School, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation identify effective strategies.
February 2014
Most superintendents would welcome greater business engagement, according to a survey by BCG and Harvard Business School.
Social Business
November 2013
Applying business principles to social problems can significantly increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and financial sustainability of the solutions. Social businesses, which bridge the business and social sectors, offer lessons in delivering social impact alongside commercial benefits.
October 2013
Most cultural institutions have been slow to capitalize on the new opportunities that digital technology offers. Potential benefits include greater accessibility and increased revenues.
July 2013
Private-sector companies can learn a lot from the social sector about business model transformation. Here are ten key lessons drawn from nonprofit innovators.
February 2013
A BCG–MIT Sloan Management Review survey found that 23 percent of companies are not only profiting from their sustainability efforts but also changing their business models to generate that profit.
November 2012
Nonprofits are faced with increased demand for services—and decreased philanthropic resources. What can they learn from for-profits about doing more with less?

Business & the Social Sector

July 2013
By restructuring its organization to better meet the needs of a changing world, Save the Children is having a greater impact on the lives of children everywhere.
May 2012

Sustainable production techniques can help prevent environmental damage from commodity farming, but only if a wide range of supply chain players and government agencies cooperate.

February 2012
Operating in a sector once dominated by government intervention, the corporate-community partnership Jawun enables Australian corporations to contribute their people to tackle social issues.
October 2012
Businesses that have an economic, social, or environmental impact must work closely with the key influencers in the community who can affect public opinion and government policy.
May 2012

These six guidelines will ensure that a company’s outreach efforts are as well planned, supported, and successful as every other strategically critical area of the business.

Health & Hunger

July 2013
These five best practices can help international aid agencies achieve greater scale and impact—and play a far more meaningful role in the global fight against poverty.
November 2012
In The Huffington Post, Harvard’s Jay Winsten and BCG’s Jim Larson describe an approach that could rapidly reduce early-childhood deaths while permanently strengthening the infrastructure for improving children’s health.
May 2012

In The Wall Street Journal Asia, BCG’s Trish Stroman and Harvard’s Jay Winsten describe the challenges posed by the emergence of drug resistance in parts of Southeast Asia.

March 2013
In an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal, health experts from Harvard and BCG examine the causes and consequences of parents’ concerns about vaccine safety.
August 2012

In The Wall Street Journal, Harvard’s Jay Winsten and BCG’s Emily Serazin warn that obstacles to vaccination could undo the campaign to eradicate polio, even though only three countries remain where the disease is endemic.

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