Public Sector


Public Sector


The New Digital Era

May 2016
The barriers to universal Internet access—including significant costs—are real, and overcoming them will not be easy. But the consequences of inaction could be even greater.

Sustainable Development

April 2016
Nigeria boasts natural resources and a young, entrepreneurial population. Specific improvements in infrastructure, education, and health will help the country harness those advantages.

Focus on Education

March 2016
Education technology holds promise to help foster increasingly important social and emotional skills such as collaboration, communication, and problem solving.
June 2014
Institutions that adapt to the still-emerging demands that students and parents have begun placing on online education will tap into new sources of growth and innovation.
November 2015
School districts must close the gap between the engaging, relevant, and hands-on training that teachers and administrators want and the reality of disengagement with collaborative training on the ground.
April 2014
Schools striving to integrate instructional technologies in the classroom can achieve better student outcomes by means of four key building blocks.
Filling the Skills Gap
March 2016
One of the most effective means of fighting poverty and boosting economic development is job creation. But many applicants lack the right training and experience.
March 2015
All too often in many countries, students do not get the education they must have to prosper in the twenty-first century. Education technology can help close this skills gap.