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Sustainable Development

November 2016
Despite recent increases in its wealth and in the well-being of its people, Peru must make a greater effort to break out of the middle of the global pack.

HR in the Public Sector

January 2017

Why do public-sector workers tend to be so demoralized and disengaged? Because their organizations are strangled by rules. The cure: applying the principles of Smart Simplicity.

September 2016
Changes in the personnel practices of the US Department of Defense will have far-reaching implications not only for the rest of the civil service but also for the human resources departments of private companies.
January 2016
A number of major challenges—including tight budgets and a looming retirement wave—make it critical for governments to transform their HR organizations.
July 2015
In today’s competitive business environment, HR organizations need to adopt a more innovative and active role. Four specific measures can help.

The US Election

November 2016
After the election, the incoming president will have only 73 days to lay the groundwork for a successful administration. The experience of four former presidents reveals clear priorities.

The New Digital Era

June 2016
Governments around the world need to modernize their core systems, or IT backbone. Six steps can help them transform their operations.
May 2016
The barriers to universal internet access—including significant costs—are real, and overcoming them will not be easy. But the consequences of inaction could be even greater.
May 2015

New Zealand is working to digitize its public services so that citizens can easily complete their transactions with government. The response has exceeded expectations.

March 2015
There will be more than 1 billion new internet users by 2020. Will the digital infrastructure be able to keep up with demand?
July 2014
Citizens around the world are taking advantage of digital government services. This infographic points to opportunities to improve satisfaction and increase participation.
June 2014
The public sector has made good progress in delivering digital services, but most countries are not moving as quickly as users would like, and the big challenges still lie ahead.

Focus on Education

March 2016
Education technology holds promise to help foster increasingly important social and emotional skills such as collaboration, communication, and problem solving.
November 2015
School districts must close the gap between the engaging, relevant, and hands-on training that teachers and administrators want and the reality of disengagement with collaborative training on the ground.
June 2014
Institutions that adapt to the still-emerging demands that students and parents have begun placing on online education will tap into new sources of growth and innovation.
April 2014
Schools striving to integrate instructional technologies in the classroom can achieve better student outcomes by means of four key building blocks.