Public Sector


The New Digital Era

May 2015

New Zealand is working to digitize its public services so that citizens can easily complete their transactions with government. The response has exceeded expectations.

March 2015
There will be more than 1 billion new Internet users by 2020. Will the digital infrastructure be able to keep up with demand?
July 2014
Citizens around the world are taking advantage of digital government services. This infographic points to opportunities to improve satisfaction and increase participation.
June 2014
The public sector has made good progress in delivering digital services, but most countries are not moving as quickly as users would like, and the big challenges still lie ahead.

Economic Development

April 2015
Tasked with overseeing Malaysia's efforts to  become a developed, high-income nation by 2020, Senior Minister Idris Jala stresses the inclusiveness and sustainability of sweeping government and economic reforms.
August 2014
Montreal has fallen behind other Canadian cities in terms of population growth, employment, and GDP growth—but a ten-step plan could revitalize the city.
February 2014
As governments increasingly focus on the overall well-being, or standard of living, of their citizens, they are looking for ways to integrate well-being into policymaking.

Focus on Education

March 2015
All too often in many countries, students do not get the education they must have to prosper in the twenty-first century. Education technology can help close this skills gap.
June 2014
Institutions that adapt to the still-emerging demands that students and parents have begun placing on online education will tap into new sources of growth and innovation.
April 2014
Schools striving to integrate instructional technologies in the classroom can achieve better student outcomes by means of four key building blocks.
January 2014
The shift to online learning has given U.S. publishers a once-in-a-decade opportunity to expand their share of the $1 trillion spent each year on education.


February 2015
Private investors in infrastructure projects worry about such political and regulatory risks as expropriation, community protests, unfair taxes, and corruption. This report provides a 20-point risk-mitigation framework.
November 2014
Closing the gap between the need for global infrastructure investment and projected spending—a difference of as much as $25 trillion—requires changes throughout the entire infrastructure life cycle.
May 2014
Complex transnational infrastructure programs in Africa are extremely difficult to manage, but a framework of best practices can help in overcoming the challenges.

Spotlight on Saudi Arabia

June 2014
A BCG survey points to opportunities for policy makers and business leaders to design initiatives targeted at improving the lives of Saudi Arabia’s youth, who constitute a growing segment.