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The Growth Imperative

February 2014
Here’s how managers can make even a high-performing sales force more productive—and increase the revenue and profits of the business by 10 to 15 percent.
January 2014
How have some companies found growth despite the odds? BCG research offers lessons from “uphill growers.”
December 2013
BCG’s new measure of word-of-mouth recommendation offers companies powerful insights that deliver top-line results.
September 2013
Emerging markets are more important than ever for many multinational companies. Even so, multinationals have not mastered these markets, according to a recent BCG survey.
Trends in Private Equity
February 2013
Contrary to conventional wisdom, new research from BCG and HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management finds that secondary buyouts can deliver competitive returns with low risk.
September 2013
From the garages of Silicon Valley to far more structured corporate programs, innovation takes many forms. This year’s report explores what gives successful innovators their edge.
September 2013
The key in designing an innovation system is to focus on the conditions that will enable it to flourish by aligning the incentives of diverse participants.
September 2013
The World Economic Forum’s summer meeting in Dalian centered on the innovation imperative—a driving force in emerging markets, writes BCG’s CEO, Rich Lesser, on the FT’s beyondbrics blog.
June 2013
Manufacturers are selling their products in a “multichannel” world that requires a much more strategic use of pricing and trade investments than was common in the past.
October 2012

Drawing on comprehensive corporate-venture-capital (CVC) databases, BCG analyzes the emergence of CVC as a central component of corporate innovation strategies.

Lean Advantage

November 2013
Operational excellence can be a powerful way to drive higher shareholder returns. Four cross-functional initiatives illustrate the opportunities for step-change improvements in value creation.
August 2013
Corporate leaders are facing mounting pressure to reduce costs. BCG’s proven framework can deliver cost reduction that improves operations and is sustainable over time.
June 2013
Integrating suppliers into a lean production system can reduce inventories and diminish scrap and rework. It can also be a first step toward a strategic partnership.