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Private Equity

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The Growth Imperative

October 2015
Why can’t European entrepreneurs attract more private European money? Low returns are only partly to blame. Here’s how to make the market more investor friendly.
October 2014
A new growth strategy is only as good as the people and organizational practices that support it. Here are five secrets that leaders can use to promote the cooperation and behavior that new growth initiatives require.
October 2014
Business model innovation is a powerful approach to driving growth and to capturing a more durable competitive advantage. Four success stories point the way.
Trends in Private Equity
November 2013
The relationship between private-equity firms and the CEOs of portfolio companies is central to the success of the private-equity model. Learn how to make that relationship thrive.
February 2013
Contrary to conventional wisdom, new research from BCG and HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management finds that secondary buyouts can deliver competitive returns with low risk.
October 2014
Innovation is hard; breakthrough innovation is harder. What drives the success of breakthrough innovators? And which are the most innovative companies of 2014?
October 2014
Effective pricing is one of the best ways to grow organically, but few companies have a strategic approach.
September 2013
The World Economic Forum’s summer meeting in Dalian centered on the innovation imperative—a driving force in emerging markets, writes BCG’s CEO, Rich Lesser, on the FT’s beyondbrics blog.
June 2013
Manufacturers are selling their products in a “multichannel” world that requires a much more strategic use of pricing and trade investments than was common in the past.
October 2012

Drawing on comprehensive corporate-venture-capital (CVC) databases, BCG analyzes the emergence of CVC as a central component of corporate innovation strategies.

July 2012

Business-to-business companies too often neglect active pricing of the “long tail”—products that represent little revenue individually but significant margins collectively.

Lean Advantage

November 2013
Operational excellence can be a powerful way to drive higher shareholder returns. Four cross-functional initiatives illustrate the opportunities for step-change improvements in value creation.
August 2013
Corporate leaders are facing mounting pressure to reduce costs. BCG’s proven framework can deliver cost reduction that improves operations and is sustainable over time.
June 2013
Integrating suppliers into a lean production system can reduce inventories and diminish scrap and rework. It can also be a first step toward a strategic partnership.