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Private Equity

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Trends in Private Equity

September 2016
Africa is a great growth opportunity for private equity funds that can adapt to the continent’s evolving needs and consider new types of targets.
October 2015

Should private equity funds diversify or specialize? That depends. The decision to go wide or go deep hinges on capabilities, aspirations, and scale.

April 2015
Minority investments are increasingly featured in large private-equity transactions. What are the pros and cons of minority deals, and what are the pitfalls to avoid?

The Growth Imperative

October 2015
Why can’t European entrepreneurs attract more private European money? Low returns are only partly to blame. Here’s how to make the market more investor friendly.

Lean Advantage

December 2015
Excellent customer experiences require digital technology and the human touch. More than 70 executives gathered at BCG's fifth European Lean Summit to discuss the future of the customer journey.
September 2015
BCG has developed a comprehensive approach to help companies identify and quantify opportunities to reduce nonpersonnel costs, select targets and improvement measures, and sustain improvements.
June 2015
Many decentralized companies have practices that vary widely across sites. Correcting this—and implementing advanced techniques such as lean—requires a company-wide production system that establishes the right degree of standardization.