Postmerger Integration


Postmerger Integration

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Industry Focus

April 2014
Although small in scale relative to the size of the acquiring company, midsize acquisitions are becoming increasingly important to creating value in the biopharmaceutical industry.
October 2012

This report, the seventh in BCG’s series on PMI, examines the drivers of success that we observed across 25 integrations of consumer goods companies.

September 2012
Long accustomed to high growth and generous margins, medical-technology companies now face slower growth, profitability pressures, and innovation difficulties. Learn how M&A can help.

Mergers & Acquisitions

March 2013
Why do some mergers and acquisitions succeed when so many others disappoint? New research shows how acquirers can win by sharing synergies with sellers.
January 2013
As challengers complete fewer, larger M&A deals, they are finding partnerships with multinationals increasingly important.

Trends in PMI

May 2008
As the economic screws tighten, acquirers are under mounting pressure to realize synergies from their targets as quickly as possible.
January 2008

Instead of treating the integration of business functions as a narrow exercise in cost reduction, companies should use PMI to rethink how a particular function can enhance value.

June 2007

The success of a postmerger integration effort is largely determined by the strategic and tactical choices that leaders make before the PMI is executed.

Creating Value

May 2013
The short-term volatility of global equity markets has led investors to focus increasingly on long-term performance as a more meaningful indicator of a company’s value-creation potential.
February 2013
Total shareholder return results from 2012 suggest that the global economy may be at the beginning of a more sustainable pathway to longer-term value creation.
September 2012

Two winners in the 2012 Value Creators rankings illustrate how to develop a value creation strategy that truly fits a company’s starting position and opportunity set.

June 2012
To understand how value patterns work, consider the story of the one we call high-value brands.

Managing Change

March 2013
The failure rate of major change efforts remains stubbornly high. BCG’s Perry Keenan discusses the obstacles to effective change and what it takes to succeed.
December 2012
Organizations can successfully manage change—and make sure the changes stick. BCG explains the impact of the Change Delta.