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Leading in a Complex World

March 2014
Governmental transformation is an antidote to complexity, Najib Razak explains. One solution is for civil servants to embrace activism and be more willing to partner with the private sector.
March 2014
The CEO discusses how the agricultural-equipment supplier has reduced the number of brands from 26 to 4 and empowered local managers to run their businesses with relative freedom.
March 2014
Tried-and-true management practices matter more than ever, explains the group executive director of the bank’s Asia-Pacific region. He emphasizes strong leadership and shared objectives, consistent and simple communication, and a relentless focus on business fundamentals.
March 2014
Despite its diverse business portfolio and broad geographic footprint, the natural-resources company is run simply. Strong executives must be given the room and authority to win, the executive director tells BCG.
March 2014
The cosmetics company is unleashing the potential of its people, connecting to the sales force and customers through social media and technology, and becoming more adaptive and experimental.
The CEO Agenda
March 2014
New CEOs are particularly vulnerable during their second year. Their survival may depend more on their credibility—and on making a number of bold strategic moves—than on results.
January 2013
Question the conventional rules about taking command of a business. Some are seriously misguided and can easily lead a new CEO astray.
Organizing for Success
March 2014
Cost reduction efforts can be daunting, and management teams need clarity on the scope of potential gains—and how best to achieve their objectives.
February 2014
In a fast-changing world, CEOs need to build or strengthen their companies’ capabilities to win, and they must do so in an enduring way.
November 2013
Shared services can generate cost savings of 40 percent or more in support functions. But even more important, they can create lasting competitive advantage.

Managing Talent

October 2013
BCG experts give European companies a clear, quantitatively derived playbook for improving their people-management capabilities across ten core HR topics.
October 2013
From Deutsche Bahn to Société Générale to Henkel, real-world examples illustrate the specific people-management practices of top performers in a range of industries.
July 2013
As the engine of economic growth shifts from financial to human capital, corporate universities are emerging as a powerful vehicle to secure and develop needed talent.
May 2013
Many Indonesian companies will not share in the country’s explosive growth unless they can recruit, develop, and retain the right people.
Implementing Change
November 2013
As companies adapt to an increasingly complex world, effectively positioned and supported project or program management offices can help significantly improve the implementation of strategic initiatives.
March 2013
The failure rate of major change efforts remains stubbornly high. BCG’s Perry Keenan discusses the obstacles to effective change and what it takes to succeed.
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