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People & Organization

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Smart Simplicity

January 2016
Smart simplicity, supported by digital tools, can help unleash the productivity and engagement so desperately missing from the modern economy.

HR Excellence

January 2016
A number of major challenges—including tight budgets and a looming retirement wave—make it critical for governments to transform their HR organizations.
August 2015
Global corporations are launching transformations left and right. But many of them don’t succeed. Why? Personnel problems, usually. Here’s how to avoid five common HR pitfalls.
July 2015
In today’s competitive business environment, HR organizations need to adopt a more innovative and active role. Four specific measures can help.
December 2014
This report, published in conjunction with the World Federation of People Management Associations, identifies three common themes that characterize top-performing HR functions.
December 2014
Three case studies illustrate how leading HR departments can take on a greater strategic role within organizations and help them compete more effectively.

Technology & Digital

December 2015
How long did people spend looking for work in 2014? Which search channels did they like best? Learn the answers to those and other questions in this comprehensive report.

The CEO Agenda

November 2015
Many big companies are headed for the “success trap.” Instead of exploring opportunities for the future, they’re overexploiting existing business models and relying on past recipes for success.

Organizing for Excellence

July 2015
Companies have applied BCG’s Exercising for Excellence approach to reduce the costs of support functions by up to 35 percent while increasing productivity by approximately 50 percent.
June 2015
Many decentralized companies have practices that vary widely across sites. Correcting this—and implementing advanced techniques such as lean—requires a company-wide production system that establishes the right degree of standardization.
March 2014
Cost reduction efforts can be daunting, and management teams need clarity on the scope of potential gains—and how best to achieve their objectives.
February 2014
In a fast-changing world, CEOs need to build or strengthen their companies’ capabilities to win, and they must do so in an enduring way.
Leadership and Talent
March 2015
The index is the first tool to precisely quantify a company’s leadership and talent management capabilities.
October 2014
A survey conducted by BCG and The Network shows that 64 percent of workers around the world would take a job abroad—and generally not for economic reasons. For HR executives, the emerging trends have huge implications.
July 2014
Significant imbalances in the demand for labor and its supply threaten 25 of the world’s major economies. Here are BCG’s projections—country by country—along with proposed remedies.