November 2016
By improving the management of maintenance, repair, and operations processes, companies can reduce costs, boost plant and worker productivity, improve product quality, and reduce inventories.
March 2016
It’s time for automotive OEMs and suppliers to transform quality into a source of advantage. Six imperatives can help accelerate their journey to quality.
March 2016
Today’s metals manufacturers must actively manage inventory by keeping it down, keeping it simple, keeping it moving, and keeping an eye on it.

Supply Chain Excellence

February 2016
Some companies are achieving dramatic returns on their digital investments, thanks to much more powerful technologies—and a set of key strategies.


February 2016
As the US defense industry becomes more competitive and as government budgets shrink, contractors must take systematic steps to analyze and reduce costs among their suppliers.
January 2016
BCG’s design-to-value approach is propelled by “catalyst events,” during which cross-functional stakeholders generate ideas for designing the best products with minimal complexity and cost.
May 2013
Procurement is becoming a powerful strategic function. To fulfill their new mandate, procurement departments must build and apply advanced capabilities that materially improve the bottom line.

Cost & Efficiency

August 2013
Corporate leaders are facing mounting pressure to reduce costs. BCG’s proven framework can deliver cost reduction that improves operations and is sustainable over time.
July 2015
Companies have applied BCG’s Exercising for Excellence approach to reduce the costs of support functions by up to 35% while increasing productivity by approximately 50%.
September 2015
BCG has developed a comprehensive approach to help companies identify and quantify opportunities to reduce nonpersonnel costs, select targets and improvement measures, and sustain improvements.

Lean Advantage

December 2015
Leading general contractors have applied a lean approach, significantly reducing completion times and costs, boosting their company-wide margins, and enhancing quality and safety.