January 2017
The US has a golden opportunity to capitalize on its growing manufacturing cost and technology advantages—if it acts now to improve the nation’s global competitiveness.

Industry 4.0

December 2016
Managers who have relied on trusted rules of thumb to make complex decisions now have a powerful alternative. Advanced analytics can improve decision making and unlock significant value.
December 2016
The winners will approach the race to Industry 4.0 as a series of sprints but manage their program as a marathon.
May 2016
German and US companies have high ambitions for Industry 4.0, but they need to accelerate their efforts in order to achieve their goals.
September 2016
Advances in technology are poised to revolutionize the provision of services. Service companies must make well-informed choices along a continuum of options to determine the right transformation path.
April 2015
Industry 4.0 will make production systems up to 30% faster and 25% more efficient and elevate mass customization to new levels.

Supply Chain Excellence

February 2016
Some companies are achieving dramatic returns on their digital investments, thanks to much more powerful technologies—and a set of key strategies.
Cost & Efficiency

The Most Innovative Companies Through the Years

January 2017
Leading companies are increasingly pursuing innovation strategies that complement internal development with external sourcing. Overcoming the not-invented-here mindset can strengthen a company’s advantage and accelerate time to market.
December 2015
Markets are changing faster than ever, and global innovators are vying for competitive advantage by accelerating their processes—and their adoption of new technologies.
October 2014
There’s both consistency and churn in the list of the 50 most innovative companies of 2014. And there are notable shifts in innovation priority and spending plans across sectors.
January 2017
Explore the shifting patterns in BCG’s annual list of the most innovative companies.

Lean Advantage

December 2015
Leading general contractors have applied a lean approach, significantly reducing completion times and costs, boosting their company-wide margins, and enhancing quality and safety.