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Made in America

February 2014
Because of lower energy costs, the average U.S. household is saving as much as $725 a year. By 2020, annual savings could equal nearly 10 percent of discretionary income.
August 2013
Exports of American-made goods are projected to surge. A big reason: the U.S. is becoming the low-cost manufacturer of the developed world.
March 2012
The U.S. could gain 2 million to 3 million jobs and $100 billion in annual output in this decade thanks to manufacturing returning from China and increased exports.
March 2014
To avoid being overrun by aggressive Chinese challengers, European machinery makers, led by German companies, need to develop effective responses to emerging threats in the new competitive landscape.
October 2013
Established markets offer slow or no growth, while the best opportunities in BRICs have been taken. Where next for automotive companies seeking fresh growth?
August 2013
Today’s manufacturing-skills gap in the U.S. is far more limited than many people believe. But aggressive action is needed now to prevent future talent shortages.
Managing Change
November 2013
As companies adapt to an increasingly complex world, effectively positioned and supported project or program management offices can help significantly improve the implementation of strategic initiatives.
October 2013
Financial institutions are dealing with a dramatically new environment. BCG's Michael Shanahan discusses the state of the industry and how to drive effective change.

Strategic Supply Chain Management

June 2013
In the highly competitive world of fast fashion, leading apparel companies are using fast, flexible, and lean supply chains to build distinct competitive advantages.
September 2013
No company can succeed in today’s volatile environment without a supply chain that can withstand disruptive forces and stay closely aligned with overall business strategy.
September 2013
BCG and the Grocery Manufacturers Association identified $45 billion of additional value that could be gained by optimizing supply chain management.

Sourcing & Procurement

October 2013
With marketing budgets under pressure, marketers can boost efficiency and effectiveness by consolidating agency rosters, improving internal processes, and getting the most value from their agency partners.
August 2013
Buyer-supplier collaborations have been around for decades. But many programs are managed informally and fall short of expectations. Here’s a way to do better.
June 2013
Governments are increasingly outsourcing critical and complex services. These deals present challenges—but a set of proven techniques can help governments build more productive partnerships.
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