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Media & Entertainment

An Interview with Andrew Lam-Po-Tang, the Former CIO and CTO of Fairfax Media

The Television Industry

June 2016
Changes in market dynamics have fueled widespread disruption of television, fundamentally altering how people consume video content, how ads are delivered, and where industry dollars are flowing.
June 2016
Online and on-demand services that enable TV viewing anytime, anywhere offer a tempting—and potentially lucrative—opportunity for telcos.
March 2016
Streaming video is surging, and its potential to disrupt the TV industry raises a fundamental question: Which companies will emerge as victors in the digital age?

Tech Trends

January 2016
Five observations—which lead to a host of questions for all kinds of companies—topped the collective report card of the BCG team visiting this year’s CES trade show in Las Vegas.
March 2016
A panel of leaders from the digital frontier discuss the need for education reform and the changing nature of work as automation eliminates routine jobs.


November 2015
There’s a profitable—but demanding—future for fashion and beauty magazines. To outperform with top advertisers, a magazine must excel in four areas.
The Mobile Revolution
Marketing & Sales
January 2015
The economic impact of mobile technologies on the world economy, small businesses, and consumers is measured in trillions of dollars. BCG analyzes the key enablers that contribute to mobile’s success worldwide.
July 2015

Marketers need new ways to engage consumers, and media companies must replace lost revenues. Branded content is a big part of the answer for both.  

February 2015
By 2017, the mobile Internet will generate revenues of $1.55 trillion in the 13 countries that account for 70 percent of world GDP.
August 2015
Apostle brands like Apple, Amazon, and Starbucks represent a new class of brand winners. They also highlight important lessons for converting customers into die-hard followers and ardent advocates.