Marketing, Sales, & Pricing

Marketing, Sales, & Pricing


Marketing, Sales, & Pricing


Agile Marketing

March 2017
Corporate marketers continue to rate themselves poorly on digital-skills development. And because digital technologies advance at dizzying speed, they risk falling further behind.
February 2017
Marketers still have trouble demonstrating the value they create, despite all the data, tools, and analytics available today. Five rules help link measurement to business outcomes.
October 2015

To increase their agility, chief marketing officers require very different capabilities and structures than were needed in the past.

Sales & Channels

February 2017
Insights from the lifetime customer value/customer acquisition cost (LTV/CAC) ratio help guide the investment and operation decisions of subscription businesses.


February 2016
Superior pricing capabilities offer a potential revenue windfall for retail banks caught in the industry’s crossfire of slow growth, heightened competition, price-conscious customers, and regulatory change.

Insights & Growth

November 2016
Turning a customer insight function into a source of competitive advantage isn’t necessarily about spending more. It’s about spending smarter.

Going to Market in Developing Economies

June 2016
A comprehensive BCG survey looks at the purchasing power, brand preferences, and shopping patterns of Cuba’s consumers and foresees a market that will become increasingly attractive over time.