Marketing, Sales, & Pricing

Marketing, Sales, & Pricing


Marketing, Sales, & Pricing



July 2016
An approach called demand-centric growth helps companies boost revenues and profits and reverse declining sales and margins. It can be applied wherever consumers make choices.
February 2014
Here’s how managers can make even a high-performing sales force more productive—and increase the revenue and profits of the business by 10% to 15%.
July 2015

Marketers need new ways to engage consumers, and media companies must replace lost revenues. Branded content is a big part of the answer for both.  

September 2014
Companies have struggled to measure the impact of word of mouth. BCG’s Brand Advocacy Index provides a strategic metric that measures advocacy with much greater precision than existing approaches do.

Sales & Channels

May 2016
Manufacturers of everything from medical devices to farm equipment recognize the big opportunities in software solutions. But to succeed, they need radically different business models.
April 2016
For the past several years, “digital attackers” have been working quietly to disrupt the sales cycle.
May 2016
Technology can help companies improve customer service by tracking the channels customers have used and the information they’ve shared about their needs and problems.
February 2014
Retailers that keep up with what matters most to their rapidly changing customer base can capture as much as $1 million in additional revenues per store.

Going to Market in Developing Economies

June 2016
A comprehensive BCG survey looks at the purchasing power, brand preferences, and shopping patterns of Cuba’s consumers and foresees a market that will become increasingly attractive over time.

Modern Marketing

October 2015

To increase their agility, chief marketing officers require very different capabilities and structures than were needed in the past.

September 2015
Research shows that marketers face big gaps in essential digital skills. Closing them will require a transformation in marketing functions and in learning and development programs.


February 2016
Superior pricing capabilities offer a potential revenue windfall for retail banks caught in the industry’s crossfire of slow growth, heightened competition, price-conscious customers, and regulatory change.