Marketing & Sales

  • What Gets People Talking?
  • Steve Knox—a BCG senior advisor and former CEO of Tremor, Procter & Gamble’s word-of-mouth marketing capability—explains the science of advocacy marketing.
Growth & Transformation
February 2014
In a fast-changing world, CEOs need to build or strengthen their companies’ capabilities to win, and they must do so in an enduring way.
January 2014
How have some companies found growth despite the odds? BCG research offers lessons from “uphill growers.”
September 2013
Today’s business leaders need to create lean organizations that are capable of growing and adapting in the face of constant change, writes BCG’s Miki Tsusaka in Management Today.
Digital Disruption
January 2014
Companies that determine how to exploit the digital revolution under way in the B2B marketplace can establish strong positions in the sales and distribution value chain of the future.
March 2013
Five leaders—Marc Benioff, Matt Brittin, Arianna Huffington, Steve Mollenkopf, and Jimmy Wales—discuss how Internet connectivity, social media, and big data are affecting business and society. 
Social Media
January 2014
Companies that have gained consumers’ trust will have access to 5 to 10 times more personal data than those that lag behind, writes BCG’s John Rose in a Businessweek blog.
January 2013
Marketers are rushing to embrace social-media commerce. The companies that focus on its impact on influence and advocacy will gain the biggest bang for their marketing buck.
October 2011

Too many companies jump on the social-media bandwagon without fully understanding what, exactly, they're trying to achieve. Learn guidelines for success from the pros.

Sales & Channels
April 2014
As China goes digital, consumers are changing their behaviors. Companies need to know where and how to interact with these consumers—both online and off.
Brand Advocacy
December 2013
BCG’s new measure of word-of-mouth recommendation offers companies powerful insights that deliver top-line results.
December 2013
BCG’s new Brand Advocacy Index shines a spotlight on the brands that consumers are talking about the most. See the results in five diverse product categories and countries.
March 2011
Word of mouth is powerful, but how do you control it? The answer is you don’t. Instead, you develop digitally integrated advocacy programs to transform recommendations into rich relationships.