Marketing & Sales

The leader of BCG's pricing war-games initiative explains how these exercises help managers better understand one of the most critical elements of improving profits.

Modern Marketing

September 2014
Advertisers that use advanced targeting techniques reach an engaged audience in ways that increase relevance and enhance the consumer experience.
September 2014
A well-crafted multichannel marketing strategy that effectively coordinates all communications with physicians can help pharmaceutical companies boost their bottom lines and reduce expenses.
January 2014
Millennials engage with brands more extensively than do older consumers, expect a two-way relationship with companies, and share feedback widely. Marketing will never be the same.

Going to Market in Developing Economies

April 2015
Understanding the changes taking place in Internet use in India is essential for doing business in what will soon be the world’s second-largest nation of connected consumers.
July 2014
After dipping last year, consumer sentiment in China has improved, along with the intention to spend—especially in smaller cities.
June 2014
Smaller cities in Brazil’s interior will account for nearly half of incremental consumption by 2020. But few companies are positioned to capture this opportunity.


October 2014
A tight linking of all the aspects of brand management ensures that companies leverage their most significant asset—employees—to create more powerful and relevant brands for today’s changing world.

Growth & Transformation

October 2014
A new growth strategy is only as good as the people and organizational practices that support it. Here are five secrets that leaders can use to promote the cooperation and behavior that new growth initiatives require.
May 2014
A wave of technological and customer-driven change is creating a huge growth opportunity for companies that transform commercial functions, including marketing, sales, and pricing.
February 2014
In a fast-changing world, CEOs need to build or strengthen their companies’ capabilities to win, and they must do so in an enduring way.
January 2014
How have some companies found growth despite the odds? BCG research offers lessons from “uphill growers.”
Big Data & Pricing
October 2014
Effective pricing is one of the best ways to grow organically, but few companies have a strategic approach.
June 2014
Big data can explain the who, what, when, where, why, and how of retailing. Which projects are a flash in the pan, and which will fuel growth? We see three opportunities that offer high potential for retailers to generate a significant increase in revenues and profits in the near term.

Loyalty & Advocacy

September 2014
As the Chinese auto market enters a new phase, domestic and foreign automakers will have to work hard to secure the loyalty of current customers.
September 2014
Companies have struggled to measure the impact of word of mouth. BCG’s Brand Advocacy Index provides a strategic metric that measures advocacy with much greater precision than existing approaches do.
April 2014
Some companies generate up to 60 percent of revenues from loyalty program members. Clearly, boosting the “loyalty margin” can have a dramatic impact on sales and profits.
December 2013
BCG’s new measure of word-of-mouth recommendation offers companies powerful insights that deliver top-line results.