Banking Trends

April 2014
European banks kept IT costs largely in check from 2003 through 2011—but costs have been trending higher for the last few years.
October 2012
2011 will be remembered, in part, for the scope and scale of the shift in banks’ value from the developed world to emerging nations.
May 2011
China and Brazil had five of the ten largest banks in the world at the end of 2010.
July 2010

The global financial crisis has highlighted the attractiveness of transaction banking as a business that can provide reliable revenues, rich deposit volumes, and high profitability.

Editor’s Choice

July 2013
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September 2013
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October 2012
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Digital Trends
November 2012
Internet-driven economic growth is changing countries, cultures, and companies around the world. This interactive provides 20 national snapshots capturing the economic impact of the Internet.
February 2012
BCG’s country-by-country analysis details consumers’ awareness of—and intent to purchase—tablets and e-readers in the world’s top eight markets.
February 2011
The Internet enables all companies to expand and improve customer relationships. In this interactive, executives from smaller companies discuss how the Internet helps them.
Adaptive Strategy
August 2012

Explore how turbulence levels across major sectors have risen dramatically since the 1980s.

August 2012
In this interactive graphic, discover which large U.S. public companies have adapted best during times of turbulence.