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The Growth Imperative

June 2014
There’s more to innovation than internal R&D and traditional M&A. Incubators, accelerators, corporate venturing, and strategic partnerships can kick-start innovation—and growth—at your company.
January 2014
How have some companies found growth despite the odds? BCG research offers lessons from “uphill growers.”
May 2014
A wave of technological and customer-driven change is creating a huge growth opportunity for companies that transform commercial functions, including marketing, sales, and pricing.
May 2014
Despite their many challenges, emerging markets will continue to drive global growth in many industries. Rather than scale back, companies must adapt to tougher competition.
Business Model Innovation
March 2014
When traditional growth levers—such as product extension and pricing—become less effective, it’s time to embrace business model innovation.
July 2013
Private-sector companies can learn a lot from the social sector about business model transformation. Here are ten key lessons drawn from nonprofit innovators.
Big Data & Beyond
June 2014
Which big-data projects are a flash in the pan, and which will fuel growth? Three near-term opportunities stand out.
May 2014
The challenges of big data may seem as outsized as its potential. But by developing six key capabilities, businesses can realize big data’s full promise.
March 2014
Correlations spill out of big data, but they’re not always ironclad. In a blog published on, David Ritter explains why causality still matters.
March 2014
Companies in information-rich industries are generating entirely new revenue streams, business units, and stand-alone businesses out of the data they hold.

Sparking Creativity

June 2014
In a live chat on LinkedIn, Alan Iny, BCG’s senior specialist for creativity and scenarios and coauthor of Thinking in New Boxes, answered questions and gave concrete tips on bringing creativity to a range of business problems.
November 2013
If you try something new and fail, explains BCG’s Alan Iny, you’ve at least shown a willingness to take risks—one of the hallmarks of creativity.
September 2013
A good brainstorming session isn’t something that you jump into—it’s something you design. Here are five suggestions to help your team generate better ideas.

Editor’s Choice

February 2014
Here’s how managers can make even a high-performing sales force more productive—and increase the revenue and profits of the business by 10 to 15 percent.