Innovation & Growth

Innovation & Growth


Innovation & Growth

Robotics & Artificial Intelligence
September 2015
The use of advanced industrial robots is nearing takeoff, lowering labor costs, boosting productivity, and changing the competitiveness of major manufacturing economies.

Innovation in Auto

October 2016
The Russian automotive industry has too much manufacturing capacity and not enough domestic demand for new cars. To remain profitable, automakers must focus on exports and invest in new technologies.

Social Responsibility

September 2016
A cross-border partnership between Seattle and Vancouver can become the catalyst that fuels the cities’ innovation ecosystems, advancing economic prosperity throughout the Cascadia region.

The Growth Imperative

July 2016
An approach called demand-centric growth helps companies boost revenues and profits and reverse declining sales and margins. It can be applied wherever consumers make choices.
Open Innovation
May 2016
The nonprofit organization keeps expanding its reach by upsetting conventional wisdom.
March 2016
A well-known brand and a unique business model are terrible things to waste. So why did the nonprofit organization give away both?
July 2014
The CEO of 3D Robotics—and former editor in chief of Wired—describes how open-source models are driving innovation and transforming business.