Industrial Products & Processes

Industrial Products & Processes


Industrial Products & Processes


Container Shipping

November 2015
By sharing empty containers, the top 100 container carriers could save up to $4.5 billion annually. BCG has developed a global marketplace for making this happen.
November 2016
Container repositioning is the bane of every carrier. But it doesn’t have to be. Online marketplaces can help carriers find container interchange opportunities and radically reduce repositioning costs.
November 2016
The global container-shipping industry faces stiffening headwinds. To survive, carriers must continue to drive change aimed at boosting performance. Six moves can help.

The Chemical Industry

November 2016
Market disruptions are reshaping the Middle East’s petrochemical industry, dulling producers’ competitive edge. To survive, companies must strengthen their ability to excel on three crucial fronts.

Engineering & Construction

October 2016
By strengthening their position over the long term, leading companies in the engineering, construction, and services industry have demonstrated that it is possible to sustain profitable growth.
July 2016
The sustainability imperative could erode demand for metals and mining companies’ offerings. To survive in the long run, companies must master these three strategies.
March 2016
Productivity in the engineering and construction industry has long been stagnating. By leveraging digital technologies, companies are now making big leaps.
December 2015
Leading general contractors have applied a lean approach, significantly reducing completion times and costs, boosting their company-wide margins, and enhancing quality and safety.

Transportation & Logistics

October 2016
Recent BCG research points to a wide range of success factors for transportation and logistics companies seeking to achieve the elusive goal of profitable growth.

Aerospace & Defense

October 2016
Airplane manufacturers sit atop the value chain but trail suppliers in profitability. Can they shift the profit balance, or is this the permanent state of the industry?

Metals & Mining

November 2016
Soaring costs and plummeting commodity prices are squeezing miners’ margins. To survive, miners must set up an innovation management system—comprising three core components.
March 2016
Today’s metals manufacturers must actively manage inventory by keeping it down, keeping it simple, keeping it moving, and keeping an eye on it.
November 2016
Contractor costs are a big—and growing—part of total mine site costs. Eight moves can help miners save as much as 20% to 25% on contractor services.
September 2015
Mining companies that combine investment in people with commercial excellence and maximized asset productivity will prove tough acts to beat in this increasingly challenging industry.


October 2016
A BCG study cuts through the hype surrounding agriculture technology to help executives identify the most valuable opportunities and the best strategies for pursuing them.
April 2015
Growing demand for high-quality farm outputs, new sociopolitical priorities, changes in farming structures and practices, and developments in biotechnology will promote new business models in agriculture.
August 2016
For dairy companies, it’s still a two-speed world. Success in both mature and emerging markets hinges on end-to-end operational excellence and the right value-creating strategy.
February 2013
Agricultural companies were hard to beat from 2007 to 2012. Here’s how the best companies achieved their high returns—and how they can keep up the momentum.