Industrial Products & Processes

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February 2014
To make sustainable gains in efficiency, asset-intensive producers of metals need to promote flexibility throughout the organization.
March 2014
To avoid being overrun by aggressive Chinese challengers, European machinery makers, led by German companies, need to develop effective responses to emerging threats in the new competitive landscape.
October 2013
Established markets offer slow or no growth, while the best opportunities in BRICs have been taken. Where next for automotive companies seeking fresh growth?
The Innovation Edge
March 2014
When traditional growth levers—such as product extension and pricing—become less effective, it’s time to embrace business model innovation.
July 2013
Russia’s auto industry is back from the brink of collapse. Can it ride the recovery to emerge as a truly global competitor?
April 2014
Infrastructure assets are often managed suboptimally. Here is a framework for how governments worldwide can achieve a step change in their operation and maintenance.
May 2013
Africa is suffering from a significant infrastructure gap that is holding back economic development. Filling that gap requires new tools to prioritize and attract private-sector investment.
May 2013
Many public-private-partnership projects have trouble getting off the ground. This report outlines a framework and best practices that will help governments close the “project preparation gap.”

The Chemical Industry

April 2014
The U.S. petrochemical market’s resurgence is creating sizable opportunities. Capturing the prize will not be easy, however, especially for those new to the market.
Sourcing & Procurement
August 2013
Buyer-supplier collaborations have been around for decades. But many programs are managed informally and fall short of expectations. Here’s a way to do better.
July 2013
A strategic approach to contracting and contract management can do much to ensure that IT outsourcing efforts deliver on their promise.
May 2013
Procurement is becoming a powerful strategic function. To fulfill their new mandate, procurement departments must build and apply advanced capabilities that materially improve the bottom line.