Industrial Products & Processes


Industrial Products & Processes


Aerospace & Defense

February 2016
Amid a wave of consolidation, A&D companies can maximize merger synergies and position the combined company for success from the moment the deal closes.
June 2015
Much of the conventional wisdom about value creation in aerospace and defense is wrong. To deliver sustainable shareholder returns, it’s important to separate myths from facts.

The Auto Industry

January 2016
Five observations—which lead to a host of questions for all kinds of companies—topped the collective report card of the BCG team visiting this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

Editor’s Choice

November 2015
Technological change is transforming the $112 billion global lighting market, altering competitive dynamics and changing what it takes to win across the value chain.
December 2015
Leading general contractors have applied a lean approach, significantly reducing completion times and costs, boosting their company-wide margins, and enhancing quality and safety.
November 2015
Digitally enabled direct distribution will reshape the building materials industry through 2030. Producers should take action now to adapt their strategies and capabilities.


December 2015
Additive manufacturing may not be ready to replace assembly lines. But used in the right applications, it is proving to be a disruptive technology.
November 2015
By sharing empty containers, the top 100 container carriers could save up to $4.5 billion annually. BCG has developed a global marketplace for making this happen.
June 2015

As much as 10 percent of container traffic between East Asia and the U.S. could shift from West Coast ports to East Coast ports by 2020.

March 2015
The eagerly anticipated uplift has not yet materialized, as companies continue to grapple with challenges stemming from overcapacity and a highly fragmented industry structure.
Chemical Industry
July 2015
The winning North American chemical companies will apply an in-depth understanding of supply-and-demand developments to capture value proactively in the years ahead.
October 2015
By modeling changes in the drivers of supply and demand, companies and investors in natural-resource-based industries can generate a range of pricing scenarios—and make savvier strategic choices.
June 2015
The balance of power has shifted in the chemical industry, with several emerging-market companies overtaking well-established multinationals as global leaders.
April 2013
A BCG survey revealed the top hedging challenges that senior procurement executives face. This article reviews the survey’s findings and offers guidelines for addressing those challenges.

Metals & Mining

August 2015
Creating value remains a challenge for mining companies. Productivity programs that focus only on efficiency in physical assets are not enough.