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March 2015
Auto suppliers are under pressure to open more factories close to their customers’ assembly plants—and, simultaneously, to cut costs. These conflicting demands pose an industry-wide challenge.
February 2015
A scenario-based approach allows manufacturers to assess the implications of their make-or-buy decisions across product lines and manufacturing locations.
November 2014
Technological developments and a pressing need to boost productivity are likely to accelerate the adoption of new advanced-manufacturing technologies, which could transform many industries.
December 2014
Capital equipment manufacturers are feeling the adverse effects of strategic decisions made 20 to 30 years ago. These companies must rethink which capabilities they need to own.
August 2014
Manufacturing cost structures around the world have changed so dramatically in a decade that many old perceptions of low-cost and high-cost nations no longer hold.

Metals & Mining

March 2015
Drawing on econometric and other analyses, the World Gold Council and BCG demystify the forces shaping the gold-recycling industry and propose success strategies for industry players.
January 2015
Far-flung teams in the mining industry, working under unpredictable conditions, have long struggled to operate with disciplined efficiency. But an integrated automation strategy just might change that.
November 2014
Recent advances in low-cost technology can drive productivity and safety benefits at mines, just as they have done in other industries.
October 2014
Steel overcapacity is back following the China boom. But steel companies can still find ways to influence their profitability.
March 2015
To build a competitive edge for the future, shipping companies need to understand the business case for switching to environmentally friendlier options for marine fuel.
February 2015
Private investors in infrastructure projects worry about such political and regulatory risks as expropriation, community protests, unfair taxes, and corruption. This report provides a 20-point risk-mitigation framework.
January 2013
Maritime shipping organizations must cut bunker costs to gain a competitive advantage. Companies that apply BCG’s end-to-end optimization framework may achieve cost reductions of up to 10 percent.
May 2014
Complex transnational infrastructure programs in Africa are extremely difficult to manage, but a framework of best practices can help in overcoming the challenges.

Industry Value Creators

August 2014
Tight margins. Intense competition. Rising labor costs. Demanding investors. Growth is returning to the engineering, construction, and services industry, but only the fittest companies will benefit.
August 2014
Activist investors are circling the engineering, construction, and services industry, spurring many developed-world companies to intensify their focus on margins, operational excellence, and cost discipline.
May 2014
The halcyon decade is over for the mining industry. To achieve healthy shareholder returns, companies must now have an unwavering and holistic focus on productivity.
The Innovation Edge
October 2014
Five organizing principles can help companies sharpen their innovation edge—and promote sustained, value-creating growth.
January 2014
In 2015, we expect some 60 percent of new cars to be “connected”—just one of the developments marking a new era of automotive innovation.
September 2014
Barriers to cross-border e-commerce are falling away, and online retailers, carriers, and other service providers are gearing up to compete in an effectively borderless world.
June 2013
Consumers say they can imagine making nearly 75 percent of their purchases online. To turn that vision into reality, retailers, carriers, and others will need to meet those buyers’ exacting expectations.
Chemical Industry
June 2014
Western chemical companies are starting to produce the industry’s best shareholder returns thanks to feedstock advantages in North America and significantly improved operating performance in Europe.
April 2014
The market for third-party chemical distribution, particularly in the specialty chemical segment, continues to grow faster than the overall industry, creating real opportunities for both suppliers and distributors.
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