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Payers & Providers

December 2016
Growth in the life insurance industry has stalled, pitting insurers against internal asset managers. To achieve higher returns, the parties must close ranks and work together in a structured process.


November 2016
Prioritizing R&D spending can reverse the current declines in medtech innovation productivity, but that will require changing the way most medtech companies approach decision making about innovation.
July 2016
The health care industry is in the midst of sweeping changes. Given high investor expectations and pressure on prices and profit margins, medtech companies must take action.
May 2016
As US hospital systems consolidate, medtech companies that develop a top-quality KAM function will build a powerful advantage in the near and longer terms.

Health Care in Emerging Markets

November 2016
As the pharmaceutical market in China decentralizes over the next decade and the relative importance of different sales channels shifts, manufacturers will need new strategies to continue to capture growth.

Decision-Making in R&D

April 2016
Reorganization is a powerful lever for boosting company performance, but the results are often disappointing. A smart new approach dramatically increases the likelihood of success.
January 2016
Despite general challenges to productivity in biopharma R&D, a few companies continue to excel. The key is their superior organizational effectiveness, which enhances cooperative behavior among R&D staff.
February 2015
R&D productivity has been declining for decades, but a record 53 new therapeutic drugs approved by the U.S. FDA in 2014 suggest that the biopharma industry's fortunes have changed.
December 2013
BCG research published in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery does not show a correlation between company size and the likelihood of R&D success. But if size does not matter, what does?

Focus on Biopharma

April 2016
Top-line growth is an imperative for medtech and biopharma. With so much pressure to contain costs, these companies need to find new ways to thrive and grow.

Value-Based Health Care