Health Care

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Focus on Biopharma

February 2015
R&D productivity has been declining for decades, but a record 53 new therapeutic drugs approved by the U.S. FDA in 2014 suggests that the biopharma industry's fortunes have changed.
November 2014
Pharmaceutical companies are seeking approval of more combination therapies, but setting prices for the various products that make up those treatments is exceedingly complex.
October 2014
The biopharmaceutical industry must respond to a health care community that increasingly demands the delivery not just of drugs and devices but of positive health outcomes.
April 2014
Although small in scale relative to the size of the acquiring company, midsize acquisitions are becoming increasingly important to creating value in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Value-Based Health Care

September 2014
In response to an extraordinary combination of pressures, leading health-care providers around the world are embracing a new and more effective operating model.
October 2014
In the U.S. health-care market, value-based bundling is a great way for providers to start competing on outcomes.
September 2014
Terveystalo, Finland’s leading private health-care service provider, is turning the systematic collection of health outcomes metrics into a competitive advantage.
Health Care in Emerging Markets
January 2015
The results of pilot initiatives in Africa bode well for emerging economies that are looking to create cost-effective, sustainable health systems.
July 2014
Health care reform in China will transform the medical-technology market in the years ahead, forcing both multinational corporations and local companies to adapt.
May 2014
Consumer products companies have been able to reach African consumers and win their hearts, minds, and loyalty. How can global health organizations adapt their strategies?
March 2014
As emerging economies ramp up health care spending, they have the opportunity to leapfrog developed countries and build innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable health systems.
February 2014
China’s growing market for health and wellness products presents an enormous opportunity for companies that understand Chinese consumers and how best to reach them.

Why Digital Matters in Health Care

September 2014
A well-crafted multichannel marketing strategy that effectively coordinates all communications with physicians can help pharmaceutical companies boost their bottom lines and reduce expenses.
September 2014
Big data and advanced analytics provide an opportunity to understand health in a truly value-oriented way. Three high-potential opportunities in particular could measurably improve outcomes.