Health Care


Health Care


Value-Based Health Care

September 2015
When measuring outcomes, health care systems must put patients at the center, focusing on what they experience while coping with a health condition.

Technology & Digital in Health Care

September 2015
Like all disruptive innovations, 3-D printing presents both risks and opportunities for incumbents. The time for health care companies to weigh the ramifications for their business is now.
September 2015
Digital technology is transforming health care in China, and players including pharmaceutical and medtech companies, distributors and retailers, and payers will need to adapt.
September 2014
Big data and advanced analytics provide a truly value-oriented way to understand health. Three high-potential opportunities in particular could measurably improve outcomes.

Focus on Biopharma

July 2015
BCG has identified a new approach to help pharmaceutical companies improve the robustness of their manufacturing processes, a shift that could save the industry $25 billion.
June 2015
Biopharmaceutical manufacturing quality levels remain below those of other industries—making it critical for biopharma companies to up the effectiveness and efficiency of their quality efforts.
May 2015
Biologics representing billions of dollars in sales will lose their marketing exclusivity over the next few years—but the market for biosimilars will grow more slowly than expected.
February 2015
R&D productivity has been declining for decades, but a record 53 new therapeutic drugs approved by the U.S. FDA in 2014 suggests that the biopharma industry's fortunes have changed.
November 2014
Pharmaceutical companies are seeking approval of more combination therapies, but setting prices for the various products that make up those treatments is exceedingly complex.
Health Care in Emerging Markets
June 2015
A new report by the World Economic Forum, written with BCG, analyzes which aspects of the Ebola response worked well and where the effort fell short.
January 2015
The results of pilot initiatives in Africa bode well for emerging economies that are looking to create cost-effective, sustainable health systems.
July 2014
Health care reform in China will transform the medical-technology market in the years ahead, forcing both multinational corporations and local companies to adapt.