Health Care

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Value Creators

April 2014
The global health-care industry is at an inflection point, and services companies must take decisive steps if they are to continue creating value for their investors.
January 2014
Having outperformed the overall capital market in recent years, medical-technology companies now face sizable shifts in the health care environment that will dictate fundamental changes in their operating model.
January 2014
The health care industry is changing, and biopharmaceutical companies need to take decisive action to ensure that their recent strong value-creation performance becomes sustainable.

Health Care in Emerging Markets

March 2014
As emerging economies ramp up health care spending, they have the opportunity to leapfrog developed countries and build innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable health-care systems.
February 2014
Indian health-care providers must increase patient satisfaction, but many are unsure how. Winners will focus on six areas that matter most to patients.

Value-Based Health Care

January 2014
A new focus on value is fundamentally changing the terms of competition in the health care market. The winners will be organizations that compete on outcomes.
May 2013
BCG analysis shows that more-managed Medicare Advantage plans offered by private insurers deliver higher-quality health outcomes than traditional fee-for-service medicine. 
October 2012
Targeting better health outcomes is the key to sustainable health reform—both to improve the quality of care and to curb excess health-care spending.

R&D in Biopharma

Biopharma Manufacturing
November 2013
Type 2 diabetes is ravaging populations in both the developed and developing worlds. But now progress in identifying diabetes biomarkers is poised to transform treatment.
November 2013
Successful transformation requires more than technical improvements to drive value throughout the business—people change is paramount.
September 2013
New drug classes that combine the features of conventional small-molecule drugs with those of biologics have emerged and are offering impressive scientific and commercial potential.
May 2013

A recent BCG study identified four supply-chain models—each based on different needs and service levels—that can lead to optimal performance.

Medical Technology
December 2013
The outlook for medtech in Europe has deteriorated. The result: Medtech companies need to change how they operate, including reinventing how and where they compete.
July 2013
A variety of forces will squeeze medtech margins in the years ahead, making it critical for companies to adopt a new commercial model.