Global Advantage


Global Advantage


Sustainable Development

July 2016
By developing innovative business models, companies can increase people's access to financial services. Doing that will also increase their well-being, according to BCG's Sustainable Economic Development Assessment.
April 2016
Nigeria boasts natural resources and a young, entrepreneurial population. Specific improvements in infrastructure, education, and health will help the country harness those advantages.
March 2016
Vietnam is among the global leaders in converting wealth into the well-being of citizens. But to maintain its rapid progress, the country must address three key challenges.

Global Hotspots

June 2016
Despite economic volatility, consumers’ spending patterns in China are holding up: good news for companies that understand the shifts underway.

Focus on Africa

June 2016
BCG polled 11,127 consumers across 11 African countries to discover their attitudes, budgeting and spending behaviors, and the effect of different income levels on what they buy.
May 2016
Consumer optimism in South Africa is holding up well considering the country's economic crisis. But that’s likely to change. Companies should act now to weather the downturn.
November 2015
A battle for leadership has erupted as local companies and multinationals vie for market share. In their daily skirmishes, both sides are learning.
January 2014
Africa’s growth is attracting attention, but companies must change how they do business on the continent if they want to succeed there.

Global Health

May 2016
Emerging economies can avoid the traps that have ensnared developed countries and instead build health systems that are well suited to the reality on the ground.
June 2015
A report by the World Economic Forum, written with BCG, analyzes which aspects of the Ebola response worked well and where the effort fell short.

Insurance & Financial Services

May 2016
In light of the power shift away from insurers in China, BCG asked 3,200 consumers what is essential in a life insurance or an auto insurance provider. Trust and simplicity top the list.
December 2015
The coming decade represents a major opportunity for financial services companies, as Indonesia’s growing economy and the rising incomes of its citizens produce a new generation of savers and investors.
July 2015
A rebalancing of the global asset-management industry toward Asia-Pacific is overdue. Senior industry executives assess the challenges and opportunities asset managers face in expanding access there.