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Sustainable Development

February 2014
As governments increasingly focus on the overall well-being, or standard of living, of their citizens, they are looking for ways to integrate well-being into policymaking.
March 2014
Explore BCG’s new approach to measuring sustainable economic development with this interactive graphic.
July 2013
These five best practices can help international aid agencies achieve greater scale and impact—and play a far more meaningful role in the global fight against poverty.
May 2013
Sub-Saharan African nations are achieving impressive improvements in living standards. The Boston Consulting Group’s Sustainable Economic Development Assessment reveals how those gains are being delivered.

Consumer Markets

April 2014
As China goes digital, consumers are changing their behaviors. Companies need to know where and how to interact with these consumers—both online and off.

Health Care in Emerging Markets

February 2014
China’s growing market for health and wellness products presents an enormous opportunity for companies that understand Chinese consumers and how best to reach them.
February 2014
Indian health-care providers must increase patient satisfaction, but many are unsure how. Winners will focus on six areas that matter most to patients.
January 2014
With its increasingly affluent population, Indonesia is luring multinational pharma companies. But the market is complex, and not all opportunities are created equal.
March 2014
To avoid being overrun by aggressive Chinese challengers, European machinery makers, led by German companies, need to develop effective responses to emerging threats in the new competitive landscape.
October 2013
Established markets offer slow or no growth, while the best opportunities in BRICs have been taken. Where next for automotive companies seeking fresh growth?
July 2013
Russia’s auto industry is back from the brink of collapse. Can it ride the recovery to emerge as a truly global competitor?
Marketing Effectiveness
December 2013
Global marketers have ramped up spending in rapidly developing economies, but most have little ability to optimize return on investment there. BCG has identified five practical steps that marketers can take to jump-start their effectiveness.
October 2013
With marketing budgets under pressure, marketers can boost efficiency and effectiveness by consolidating agency rosters, improving internal processes, and getting the most value from their agency partners.