Global Advantage


Global Challengers

January 2015
Chinese companies have made great strides on the global stage in the past decade. But to become global leaders, they must hone new competitive advantages.
September 2014
Less than half of the 100 global challengers are companies based in China and India. Other countries, such as the Philippines, are picking up the slack.
September 2014
Many companies in emerging markets are growing up rapidly, relying on innovation, talent, and other strengths to win.

Forging Relationships

January 2015
Successful M&A in China is not easy. Two steps are particularly daunting: regulatory approval and postmerger integration. But experience shows that both can be successfully managed.
December 2014
Done right, joint ventures can be an effective way to enter new markets, gain expertise, increase production capabilities, and expand distribution. Here’s what it takes to succeed.

Health Care in Emerging Economics

January 2015
The results of pilot initiatives in Africa bode well for emerging economies that are looking to create cost-effective, sustainable health systems.
May 2014
Consumer products companies have been able to reach African consumers and win their hearts, minds, and loyalty. How can global health organizations adapt their strategies?
March 2014
As emerging economies ramp up health care spending, they have the opportunity to leapfrog developed countries and build innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable health systems.

The Next Era of Globalization

November 2014
A new and more complex phase of globalization has begun. Rather than determine whether their companies should go global, CEOs must now figure out how they can do so in a way that works for the long term.
May 2014
Despite their many challenges, emerging markets will continue to drive global growth in many industries. Rather than scale back, companies must adapt to tougher competition.

Center for Consumer and Customer Insight

March 2014
BCG polled 10,000 African consumers about their shopping behaviors, purchase intentions, and planned spending for more than 20 different product categories, from autos to snack foods.
July 2014
After dipping last year, consumer sentiment in China has improved, along with the intention to spend—especially in smaller cities.
September 2014
Banks in China face fresh challenges as competition heats up and consumers become more digitally savvy. For current stakeholders and new challengers alike, success will hinge on innovation.
June 2014
Smaller cities in Brazil’s interior will account for nearly half of incremental consumption by 2020. But few companies are positioned to capture this opportunity.

Spotlight on Southeast Asia

October 2014
Companies are remarkably bullish about how the economic integration of the member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations will affect their businesses and industries.
March 2013
The universe of middle-class and affluent consumers in Indonesia is growing in size and purchasing power, creating a significant opportunity over the coming decade.
December 2013
The middle and affluent class is growing faster in Vietnam and Myanmar than in any other Southeast Asian nation.