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April 2016
Rising customer expectations and intensifying competition are spurring banks and insurers to overhaul their digital capabilities. What are the critical steps to success?

Insights in Insurance

April 2016
Small businesses, many operated by millennials and Gen Xers, will eventually buy insurance directly online. Insurers will need to adopt new market approaches to weather this digital disruption.

Retail Banking

November 2015
In at least four areas, focused and coordinated big-data programs can lead to substantial value for banks in the form of increased revenues and bigger profits.
April 2015
BCG’s fifth annual operational-excellence benchmarking survey, involving 15 of the world's 35 top retail banks, explores four trending practices of leading institutions.
March 2015
Retail banks today must provide digital functionality for speed and convenience, as well as thoughtful human interaction when the customer demands it. Retail banks must become, in a word, bionic.

Annual Flagship Reports

October 2015

BCG’s thirteenth annual study of the global payments business offers a comprehensive overview of the industry, along with recommendations on how banks can stay competitive.

Additional Topics in Wealth Management
April 2015
A family can use a family office to promote the growth of its wealth and perpetuate its legacy for the benefit of generations to come.
February 2015
Wealth managers have been reluctant to adopt digitization despite its huge potential. As a result, they face a growing digital dilemma: embrace change now or have it thrust upon them.