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Financial Services


Financial Services


Annual Reports

May 2017
BCG’s sixth annual study provides a detailed examination of key market developments, current trends, and the steps that various types of players must take to thrive.
March 2017
Nearly a decade after the financial crisis, the global banking industry has largely recovered, but risk management and regulatory compliance remain tall hurdles.

Editor’s Choice

April 2017
BCG’s new tool can help countries, financial institutions, and NGOs improve financial inclusion.

Insights in Insurance

December 2016
Growth in the life insurance industry has stalled, pitting insurers against internal asset managers. To achieve higher returns, the parties must close ranks and work together in a structured process.
October 2016
Auto insurers may be in for a rough ride, given shrinking market size and the threat of new entrants. Here are some strategies to consider.
August 2016
CIOs will not be surprised to learn that BCG’s research into insurers’ readiness to go digital found multiple constraints at all levels of IT architecture.
June 2016
New business models and strategic imperatives require insurers to develop a more robust compliance function and manage compliance risks more actively.


December 2016
Two complementary technologies—blockchain and digital tokens—give data the continuity of physical assets and help solve the challenges of digital identity and trust. And they have the potential to wipe out the middleman across a wide swath of industries.


November 2016
Banks continue to struggle against slow growth, the low-interest-rate environment, and heightened regulatory demands. How can treasurers gain ground amid the growing complexity?
May 2016
Treasurers expect banks to get out of a product mindset and put the customer experience first by centralizing, streamlining, and integrating high-quality solutions end to end with treasurer needs in mind.