Financial Services

Financial Services


Financial Services


Capital Markets

November 2016
Established capital markets players and young fintech companies are failing to fully realize the opportunities that arise from their collaboration. The entire capital markets ecosystem must take action now.
May 2016
For many investment banks, performance continued to decline in 2015. But other players in the broader capital markets landscape fared much better.

Insights in Insurance

December 2016
Growth in the life insurance industry has stalled, pitting insurers against internal asset managers. To achieve higher returns, the parties must close ranks and work together in a structured process.

Editor's Choice

September 2016
BCG’s 14th annual study of the payments business explores shifting industry dynamics and the steps that diverse types of institutions must take to succeed.


November 2016
Banks continue to struggle against slow growth, the low-interest-rate environment, and heightened regulatory demands. How can treasurers gain ground amid the growing complexity?
May 2016
Treasurers expect banks to get out of a product mindset and put the customer experience first by centralizing, streamlining, and integrating high-quality solutions end to end with treasurer needs in mind.


August 2016
Banks’ lucrative trade finance business is under threat. Growth in trade is slowing, regulatory costs are up, and the use of bank guarantees is down. The answer lies in digital technology.
May 2016
Retail banks must develop digital capabilities that radically simplify their businesses while improving customer experience. This mandate for digital simplicity emerges from BCG’s report on global retail-banking excellence.
May 2016
Technology can help companies improve customer service by tracking the channels customers have used and the information they’ve shared about their needs and problems.
April 2016
Rising customer expectations and intensifying competition are spurring banks and insurers to overhaul their digital capabilities. What are the critical steps to success?