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on Digital Insurance for the Long Tail

Editor's Choice

April 2015
BCG’s fifth annual operational-excellence benchmarking reveals that the world’s smartest retail banks are gaining advantage by becoming “bionic,” blending digital innovation and technology with a human touch.
March 2015
BCG’s latest report on the global corporate banking industry examines current trends and outlines the steps that players must take to thrive in an increasingly challenging environment.
December 2014
Global banking has returned to growth but has entered an era of hyperregulation. Banks face a shift in mind-set as they adapt to a “good citizen” approach and full transparency, according to BCG’s latest Global Risk report.

Wealth Management

April 2015
A family can use a family office to promote the growth of its wealth and perpetuate its legacy for the benefit of generations to come.
February 2015
Wealth managers have been reluctant to adopt digitization despite its huge potential. As a result, they face a growing digital dilemma: embrace change now or have it thrust upon them.
June 2014
BCG’s fourteenth annual Global Wealth report takes a comprehensive look at the wealth management industry with an eye toward how institutions can position themselves advantageously.

Insights in Insurance

May 2015
New insurance-industry ecosystems, driven by disruptive digital technologies, could put unprepared insurers at risk, according to a report by BCG and Morgan Stanley Research.
January 2015
BCG presents a collection of perspectives on today’s dynamic global insurance industry, with particular focus on digital, risk and regulation, and operational efficiency.
November 2014
The 300-year-old London Insurance Market confronts a historic tipping point as globalization and competition in local markets erode its £60 billion global share and imperil its role as the preeminent international hub, according to a joint study commissioned by the London Market Group and conducted by BCG.
November 2014
Insurers are not fully tapping a golden opportunity to more proactively serve the commercial-insurance needs of small businesses, a comprehensive global BCG survey reveals.
October 2014
BCG examines how insurance companies can generate greater customer and employee satisfaction on a sustained basis by adopting Lean 2.0 process improvements.
October 2014
Digital competition is heating up in the insurance industry. To stay ahead, learn where to start, what to change, how much to invest, and how to make it all happen.
March 2015
A new report by the Association for Financial Markets in Europe and The Boston Consulting Group explores the key differences between European and U.S. capital markets.
July 2014
The $68.7 trillion asset-management industry recorded its strongest year of solid growth since before the crisis, according to BCG’s twelfth annual Global Asset Management report.
May 2014
BCG’s third annual capital-markets report explores key industry trends and outlines the tough choices that today’s investment banks must make in pursuit of competitive advantage.
Technology Advantage
September 2014
Banks in China face fresh challenges as competition heats up and consumers become more digitally savvy. For current stakeholders and new challengers alike, success will hinge on innovation.
February 2014
Increasing share of wallet with existing clients—as opposed to focusing on developing new business—and taking a data-led, advisory approach can lift wholesale banks’ performance.
January 2014
The IT infrastructures of Asian banks have become too complex. Here are five steps these banks can take to simplify and improve their approach to IT.