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Energy & Environment


COP21: The Effects on the Energy Sector

September 2016
A confluence of forces is placing new, complex demands on the world’s power systems. Meeting those demands will require optimized grids.
August 2016
The deal reached in the 2015 Paris climate conference could ultimately lead to higher electricity prices in Europe, creating lucrative opportunities for many producers over the long term.
May 2016
The worldwide growing emphasis on reducing emissions could have a significant impact on demand for natural gas, a relatively clean-burning fossil fuel.
Big Oil
February 2016
Can the world’s leading international oil and gas companies turn a crisis of value creation into an opportunity to reinvent business models?
September 2015
Big Oil has been under pressure recently, but its days are far from over—if it acts soon. With the proper adjustments, it can continue to lead in oil and gas development for decades to come.
Operational Excellence
June 2016
The milestone dates that populate the schedules established for large projects are often unrealistic. As a result, many projects underperform.
October 2013
A BCG benchmarking revealed that simplification—of a company’s business model, processes, and organization—is critical for best-in-class efficiency in retail energy sales.

Oil & Gas 

June 2016
Lower oil prices have failed to deliver most of the economic benefits that many analysts had expected.
March 2016
Oil and gas companies face a far wider—potentially more severe—spectrum of cyberthreats than companies in most other industries.
July 2015
Many exploration and production companies suspect that there is considerable “value leakage” in their dealings with suppliers, but they don’t know how to tackle the problem.
June 2015
A divisive and often misinformed debate about unconventional gas-and-oil resources is jeopardizing a once-in-a-generation opportunity to change America’s economic and energy trajectory.
April 2015
Operators and contractors in the oil and gas industry are forming collaborative strategic alliances that unlock value for all participants.
April 2015
Distinct economic principles and requirements underlie success in shale development. This holds especially true for operational performance.

Oil Price Volatility: The Series

December 2015
With the unprecedented decline in industry revenues, oil and gas companies and governments must work together to frame a balanced dialogue and shape a more appropriate level of government take.
European Power
September 2014
Germany’s ongoing transformation of its power sector has met both successes and challenges. What are the implications for the country and European power markets broadly?
September 2014
It is unlikely that Europe’s structurally flawed energy policies will be fixed in a holistic manner, so companies must rethink their business models and learn to cope with dysfunctional markets.
June 2013
Belgium’s current power policy may have significant ramifications for the country, including sharp increases in power costs and higher CO2 emissions.
Big Data and Beyond
July 2014
It can be hard to tell how retail energy providers can fuel growth with big data right away. Here are three tactics to consider.
May 2014
The challenges of big data may seem as outsized as its potential. But by developing six key capabilities, businesses can realize big data’s full promise.