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Oil & Gas

April 2014
The U.S. petrochemical market’s resurgence is creating sizable opportunities. Capturing the prize will not be easy, however, especially for those new to the market.
November 2013
Transforming upstream oil-and-gas support functions, such as supply chain and logistics, can reduce per barrel expenses by one to two dollars and improve project delivery effectiveness.
November 2013
The fast-changing energy industry is wrestling with how to protect its IP. Here are six habits and three organizational principles of IP winners.
February 2014
Because of lower energy costs, the average U.S. household is saving as much as $725 a year. By 2020, annual savings could equal nearly 10 percent of discretionary income.
February 2014
Europe-based petrochemical companies face significant challenges in the near to intermediate future. Navigating them will demand bold moves on the strategic and operational fronts.
January 2014
Growing numbers of countries will likely seek to develop their shale-gas resources over the next several years. But they will face significant challenges.

European Power

June 2013
Belgium’s current power policy may have significant ramifications for the country, including sharp increases in power costs and higher CO2 emissions.
March 2013
Germany’s transformation of its energy sector, which places a heavy emphasis on renewable-energy sources and distributed generation, could serve as a model for other countries.
April 2013

The market’s evolution could take a number of different paths, but stakeholders would be wise to consider the implications of a turn away from liberalization.

March 2013
To thrive in the new landscape of falling demand, rising costs, and emerging alternatives, European power companies must be nimble and adaptable.
Operational Excellence
October 2013
A recent BCG benchmarking revealed that simplification—of a company’s business model, processes, and organization—is critical for best-in-class efficiency in retail energy sales.
February 2013
Energy network operators that take a holistic approach can reduce costs by as much as 15 percent if they pull the right combination of levers.
Green Energy

Big Data and Beyond

July 2013
The emergence of solar photovoltaics paired with battery storage will present a wide range of opportunities and risks to commercial stakeholders.
December 2013
Big data is transforming business. But the transformation isn’t complete without the element of speed. Learn how fast data unleashes the power of big data.
February 2013
Offshore wind-power projects are high-risk undertakings. Utilities can attract outside capital by optimizing the risk-return profile of these projects—for example, by creating innovative collaboration models.
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