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Corporate Development & Finance

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Managing for TSR

Value Creators 

May 2016
Investors are scaling back their expectations for TSR and looking for companies that are pursuing a credible growth strategy.
May 2016
See which companies came out on top worldwide and in 28 industries in BCG's annual Value Creators rankings, which the firm has published since 1999.
February 2016
The strongest companies in Australia created superior value despite a subdued market. Regardless of their size or sector, these companies delivered growth in revenues and profit margins.
July 2015

When it comes to value creation, companies can learn a lot from those that deliver superior TSR relative to their peers despite strong economic headwinds. 

Mergers & Acquisitions

August 2016
General market uncertainty and increased volatility may be good reasons for companies to approach transactions cautiously, as the market appears unsure where it is headed.
June 2016
Large, well-established companies should turn away from the classic PMI and instead embrace a more nuanced postmerger approach—and rejuvenate their potential for growth.
October 2015
Companies making multiple acquisitions are far more successful than “one-timers,” which lack experience and have exaggerated expectations and poor processes.
January 2015
Successful M&A in China is not easy. Two steps are particularly daunting: regulatory approval and postmerger integration. But experience shows that both can be successfully managed.


February 2016
By leveraging activists’ own moves, tech executives will do more than shield themselves from attack. They will focus on what counts: creating value.

Corporate Boards

August 2016
An actively engaged board is able to identify and act upon weak signals that could indicate a need for change. Its composition and operations reflect the evolving needs of the business.
June 2016
A BCG study of Nordic companies, which rank among the world’s top value creators, offers insights into how companies in all regions can promote long-term success.

The Growth Imperative

April 2016
Corporate venturing is entrenched in the corporate landscape, and companies are expanding their repertoire of venturing tools. Here’s how to make the most of them.
October 2015
Why can’t European entrepreneurs attract more private European money? Low returns are only partly to blame. Here’s how to make the market more investor friendly.
January 2014
How have some companies found growth despite the odds? BCG research offers lessons from “uphill growers.”

The CFO Agenda

March 2016
Potent forces are reshaping Germany’s corporate-finance landscape. To succeed, businesses must craft new approaches to get needed financing, and banks must find ways to remain relevant.
March 2015
Before investing in new performance management systems, leaders need to identify the metrics that really matter and design processes for translating data into effective decision making.
April 2013
Managing risk involves more than complex financial models and formal risk-management systems. Here are ten basic principles that should govern the art of risk management.
Value Patterns
September 2013
Three winners in the 2013 Value Creators rankings show how business leaders can use value patterns to unlock new sources of value.
June 2012
To understand how value patterns work, consider the story of the one we call high-value brands.
April 2012
A CEO who develops an explicit corporate investment thesis—as professional investors do—can create a coherent process for managing a company’s strategic choices.