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Managing for TSR

Value Patterns
February 2014
The best defense against activist investors is to borrow directly from the activist’s playbook. Examine your company as an activist would.
March 2012
A CEO who develops an explicit corporate investment thesis—as professional investors do—can create a coherent process for managing a company’s strategic choices.
May 2012

BCG has identified ten starting positions that are common across industries and define the type and range of strategic moves most likely to create value.

September 2013
Three winners in this year’s Value Creators rankings show how business leaders can use value patterns to unlock new sources of value.
September 2012

Two winners in the 2012 Value Creators rankings illustrate how to develop a value creation strategy that truly fits a company’s starting position and opportunity set.

June 2012
To understand how value patterns work, consider the story of the one we call high-value brands.
Value Creators
April 2014
Investors’ expectations of declining valuation multiples and below-average total shareholder return in 2014 will have a big impact on their priorities for company capital deployment.
January 2014
The health care industry is changing, and biopharmaceutical companies need to take decisive action to ensure that their recent strong value-creation performance becomes sustainable.
Corporate Strategy
May 2013
How can corporate centers make their business portfolios worth more than the sum of their parts? By translating parenting strategy into organizational design. Here’s how.
March 2012
Corporate parents can create value, but they can also destroy it. To ensure that the net value added is positive, select the right parenting strategy.
Restructuring & Turnaround
March 2014
To avoid being overrun by aggressive Chinese challengers, European machinery makers, led by German companies, need to develop effective responses to emerging threats in the new competitive landscape.
Mergers & Acquisitions
August 2013
Emerging markets—and especially the BRICs—stand out as a bright spot in a dismal year for M&A. Learn how to succeed in these dynamic regions.
January 2014
As the challenges intensify, European automotive suppliers need a strategic approach to risk assessment, restructuring, and growth. Their survival may depend on it.
The Growth Imperative
January 2014
How have some companies found growth despite the odds? BCG research offers lessons from “uphill growers.”
October 2013
Leaders at today’s top-performing organizations see opportunities everywhere, pursue them relentlessly, and never think that their job is done. For these leaders, there is always more commercial space to be conquered.
CFO Agenda
December 2013
Big data is transforming business. But the transformation isn’t complete without the element of speed. Learn how fast data unleashes the power of big data.
April 2013
Managing risk involves more than complex financial models and formal risk-management systems. Here are ten basic principles that should govern the art of risk management.