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The Geospatial Growth Engine

December 05, 2012
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BCG’s David Potere first learned about the potency of geospatial data and technology during his time in the U.S. Navy, hunting for mines. He is now an expert principal in the firm’s Boston office and global lead for the GeoAnalytics team, which he launched.

It could be the largest industry that no one has heard of. Consumers, businesses, and government agencies all rely on its services every day—local searching, online mapping, customer targeting, logistics and routing, urban planning, and disaster response are just some of the common applications and activities that it enables. Still, few people know its name.

The geospatial services industry is big and growing fast—and so is its economic impact, according to a BCG study that was commissioned and recently profiled by Google. The industry provides the technology, expertise, tools, and data that connect consumers, businesses, and governments on a common, coordinated digital map. David Potere, an expert principal in BCG’s Boston office and global lead of the firm’s GeoAnalytics team, discusses the reach and ramifications of geospatial services.