The Landscape of Turbulence

August 21, 2012
In this Interactive

This interactive is based upon The Most Adaptive Companies 2012: Winning in an Age of Turbulence.

  • Turbulence has been a persistent and increasing force across a range of sectors. Few industries and companies remain immune.

  • This interactive graphic charts how turbulence levels in ten major sectors have changed since the 1980s.


The interactive above highlights three key trends:

  • Turbulence strikes more frequently than in the past. More than half of the most turbulent quarters over the past 30 years have occurred during the last decade.

  • Turbulence has increased in intensity. Volatility in revenue growth, in revenue ranking, and in operating margins have more than doubled since the 1960s.

  • Turbulence today persists much longer than in preceding periods. The average duration of periods of high turbulence has quadrupled over the past three decades.