The Interactive Map of Sustainable Economic Development

March 25, 2014
In This Interactive

This interactive is based on the report From Wealth to Well-Being: Introducing the BCG Sustainable  Economic Development Assessment.

  • After decades of measuring economic progress in terms of income growth, national leaders are now paying much more attention to the quality of that growth.

  • Rising national income must translate into greater well-being for the population at large on a sustainable basis.

  • In this interactive graphic, you can explore BCG’s new approach to measuring sustainable economic development.


BCG’s Sustainable Economic Development Assessment (SEDA) represents an approach to systematically assessing and comparing the socioeconomic development, or level of well-being, of 149 nations across ten dimensions. The map tab in this interactive graphic shows the SEDA scores of countries across three time horizons: current level, recent progress, and long-term sustainability. The chart tab shows how countries perform in both translating wealth, or levels of income, into the overall well-being of the population and also in converting income growth into improved well-being over the recent past. In addition, the chart tab shows a “well-being matrix,” which combines these two measures.

The SEDA framework provides a basis for countries to benchmark themselves as they try to gain the most well-being out of their growth. Click on the methodology tab to learn about important definitions, calculations, and research sources.