An Interactive Guide to The $10 Trillion Prize

October 01, 2012
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This interactive is based on The $10 Trillion Prize: Captivating the Newly Affluent in China and India.

  • China and India will have nearly 1 billion middle-class consumers by 2020.

  • They are demanding “more, better, now” for themselves and their children.

  • Explore how their spending will transform the consumer markets of the future.


The $10 Trillion Prize

This interactive graphic details Chinese and Indian consumer spending in 2010 and 2020 in seven major categories: food, clothing and footwear, housing and household goods, health, transport and communications, education and leisure, and other goods and services. It further breaks down spending within each category by upper, middle, and lower income classes. Click on the Details tab to learn about the sources, figures, and definitions.