Consumers Around the World Speak Out

New Attitudes on Spending
July 20, 2011
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These consumers are among the 24,000 in 21 countries who were surveyed for BCG’s ninth annual report on consumer sentiment, Navigating the New Consumer Realities, which includes a supplement on individual countries, Consumer Dynamics in Flux Around the World.


Although natural disasters and political turbulence have taken a toll on consumer confidence this year, they aren’t the only factors bringing about change in consumers’ spending habits. Our interviews reflect the longer-term forces behind the latest consumer trends.

From Greece: “Quality is the first thing I look for in products. Despite the crisis, we keep on buying organic products—fruits and vegetables—but we buy only what is necessary.”

From the U.K.: “I suppose my worries are typical of someone entering retirement: they’re about health and staying healthy for a substantial period of time.”

From Australia: “If I am in a store and I see a product that looks interesting, I will get out my iPhone and search for other stores or for how much it sells online.”

From China: “Nowadays, it is common for companies to give discounts to people who post positive reviews or promote their product on Weibo.”

From India: “My standard of living is much better than my parents’. They think twice before spending, but I don’t.  Whenever I am upset, I just pick up a new dress.”