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Digital Game Changers Hail the Web’s Transformative Potential

February 07, 2013 by Paul Zwillenberg
February 07, 2013

In recent years, the Metropolitan Opera in New York has been broadcasting selected performances in high-definition video to theaters throughout the U.S. and the world. Viewers in Wichita, Kansas, and Warsaw, Poland are able enjoy an experience that is not that far off from sitting inside the Met.

The Met's “Live in HD” broadcasts exemplify the ways in which digital technologies can change the game. They have expanded the audience and altered the economics of opera, not only for the Met but also for regional companies, whose patrons may ultimately decide that high-definition broadcasts of world-class performances are good enough and skip the next live local performance of Rigoletto.

This morning, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) hosted a breakfast at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos on the transformative potential of digital technologies, with an august cast of panelists: Marc Benioff, the founder of; Matt Brittin, Google’s vice president for northern and central Europe; Arianna Huffington, of The Huffington Post; Steve Mollenkopf, the president of Qualcomm; and Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia.

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