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China’s Food for Thought

New Shifts in a Nation’s Eating Habits 
May 02, 2011 by Michael J. Silverstein
May 02, 2011

You are what you eat and—judging by the fast-changing diet of China’s vast population—we can see that China is becoming richer. This is evidenced by a dramatic shift in Chinese consumption trends that is seeing more money being spent on food.

Never before has there been such a dramatic shift of so large a group of people—and the result will be a transformational impact on the world’s food market.

Farmers, manufacturers, energy producers, retailers, and consumers across the country are about to see their lives changed forever by what more than a billion people are choosing to eat.

For some companies, the challenge to determine how to profit from the new trend will be too great, and they will struggle to survive. For others—those who take smart action now—the opportunities to prosper in one of the world’s fastest-growing markets are immense.

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