Traveling with Millennials

Traveling with Millennials

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Traveling with Millennials

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    Authors and Acknowledgments


    The authors would like to thank Alan Wise, Miki Tsusaka, Raj Varadarajan, Chris Egan of SMG, Jeff Fromm of Barkley, Keith Melker, Cliff Drescher, John Shaddix, Swetha Subramanian, Alison Sander, and, especially, Patrick Methvin and Cheryl Uynicky. They are also grateful to Sandra Guggenheim, Carrie Perzanowski, Kim Plough, and, in particular, Martha Craumer for their contributions to the writing of this report, and to Katherine Andrews, Gary Callahan, Jean DeBaggis, Elyse Friedman, Kim Friedman, and Sara Strassenreiter, for its editing, design, and production.

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