A Leader’s Guide to “Always-On” Transformation

A Leader’s Guide to “Always-On” Transformation

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A Leader’s Guide to “Always-On” Transformation

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    Authors and Acknowledgments

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    The authors thank Allison Bailey, Michael Deimler, Lars Fæste, Anders Fahlander, Grant Freeland, Maya Gavrilova, Jean-Manuel Izaret, June Limberis, Evan Peters, Mai-Britt Poulsen, Martin Reeves, Joey Reiman, David Rhodes, Michael Shanahan, Jon Swan, and Amanda Wikman for their contributions to this report.

    The authors are also grateful to Jeff Garigliano for his assistance in writing this report and Katherine Andrews, Gary Callahan, Kim Friedman, Abby Garland, Pamela Gilfond, and Sara Strassenreiter for their contributions to the editing, design, and production.