Designing Digital Organizations

Designing Digital Organizations

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Designing Digital Organizations

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    • Director and Principal Research Scientist, MIT Sloan Center for Information Systems Research


    The authors are grateful to numerous colleagues for their work on the research project that led to this report and for their contributions to the report itself. In particular, they want to thank Benjamin Rehberg, Massimo Russo, Jérôme Moreau, and Manish Dabas of BCG; Ina Sebastian and Kate Moloney of MIT CISR; Martin Mocker of Reutlingen University; and Cynthia Beath of the University of Texas at Austin.

    The authors thank Astrid Blumstengel for her help in coordinating the report and David Duffy for his writing assistance. They are grateful to Katherine Andrews, Gary Callahan, Elyse Friedman, Kim Friedman, Abby Garland, and Sara Strassenreiter for their contributions to its editing, design, and production.