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Warehouse Automation as a Strategic Catalyst

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  • Potential savings in warehouse operations are often top-of-mind for retail executive teams, but automation can drive more value up and down the supply chain and open up strategic options that aren’t otherwise available.

  • Now is a good time to reconsider preconceived ideas about warehouse automation, as a number of factors are combining to make the value of automation—including its potential strategic value—more accessible than ever.

  • Realizing the untapped value in warehouse automation requires savvy analysis, sound planning, and disciplined execution.


Retailers today face many threats to their traditional ways of doing business. New competitors, overcapacity in the industry, demanding customers in a sluggish economy, multichannel growth—such forces are combining to create pressure both to achieve greater operational efficiency and cost savings and to innovate and grow. In this climate, retailers are increasingly using the supply chain to drive competitive advantage.

Among the many options for improving supply chain performance, warehouse automation is one whose benefits, though potentially great, are in many cases only partly understood. Thanks to recent and ongoing technological innovations, the benefits of warehouse automation are more accessible than in the past, and they can be used to drive value throughout the supply chain and to open up strategic options.