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Ten Trends That Are Reshaping the Retail Industry

Retail 2020

August 09, 2012 by Pierre Mercier, Rune Jacobsen, and Andy Veitch
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  • Ten trends are fundamentally changing the retail industry.

  • The rise of online buying is eroding store traffic, forcing retailers to rethink their costly real-estate assets and merchandising formats.

  • To succeed, retailers must determine what their customers value and are willing to pay for—and go out of their way to provide it.


More on Retail 2020

The retail industry is undergoing a major transformation right before our eyes—and it's just the tip of the iceberg. Given the accelerating rate of change, what is your company doing to adapt and stay relevant today and into the next decade? The future will belong to those agile industry players that can rapidly renew themselves—and refuse to cede ground to the competition.

As discussed in BCG's Retail 2020 report, the following ten trends are profoundly changing the retail industry: