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Analytical Tools Help Managers Spot the Rocky Reefs Ahead

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  • BCG’s DICE methodology identifies specific actions that can improve the probability of success early enough to allow for course corrections.

  • Rigor testing provides roughly a dozen questions about dependencies and milestones that, when scored, flag structural or behavioral issues early.

  • Managers at a railroad company successfully used rigor testing to assess and resolve impediments to on-time performance.


June 2012
A Practical Guide to Change in the Public Sector
Drawing on experience in Australia and the United Kingdom, BCG shows how to overcome resistance, minimize risks, and achieve real transformation in government.

Determining the right set of indicators can be tough in the public sector, where outcomes may be less clear than the bottom-line metrics of profit-making enterprises. Two examples of RPM tools that have predictive power are what we call DICE methodology and rigor testing.

DICE derives its name from a few elements that determine the outcome of almost all change projects:

  • The duration of the project or time between major review milestones

  • The performance integrity of the project team

  • The organization’s commitment to change, specifically that of senior managers and local-area staff

  • The additional effort required for implementation beyond the usual work requirements