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Creating People Advantage 2011

Time to Act: HR Certainties in Uncertain Times

In a globalizing economy marked by uncertainties, one thing is certain: talent and effective leaders grow scarcer every day. People stand at the heart of business strategy and execution, and there are many proven solutions and tools to develop human capital. Human resources executives thus have an extraordinary opportunity to distinguish themselves as business partners at the decision-making table.

September 2011
Talent Management Best Practices
As companies go global and confront talent shortages in many markets, HR can raise its value as a strategic partner with the business units. Case studies from banking, automotive, and energy show how HR is organizing with a global mindset and meeting the expectations of five generations of employees.
Many HR executives aim to make the HR function more strategic, beyond providing services and support. But becoming a trusted voice in the C-suite will require HR executives to step up their game on several fronts. It will hinge on defining coherent people strategies in line with business objectives, subjecting consistent personnel data to rigorous analysis, embracing the HR challenges of globalization, and having the self-confidence to counsel other executives on people imperatives. That’s a tall order for HR departments carrying a legacy of being underresourced and defaulting to a less analytical, soft-skill approach. HR’s willingness to change itself in these ways is a prerequisite for creating people advantage.

Good things won’t come to HR executives who wait. It’s time to act.