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What Is Globality?
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  • Globalization has given way to globality—a new era of competition in which multinationals from the developed world are suddenly finding themselves competing with everyone from everywhere for everything.
  • This excerpt, Chapter 1, from the book Globality highlights how incumbents must learn to deal with the “seven struggles” of globality.
What Is Globality?

“We are in a new economic order. Who will survive and who will go down?”
A.M. Naik, L&T

Globality is not a new and different term for globalization, it’s the name for a new and different global reality in which we’ll all be competing with everyone, from everywhere, for everything.

We three, management consultants turned authors, are partners in The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and we have been studying the change in the global business environment—and working with companies involved in it—for more than twenty years. The extensive research that we and our colleagues have conducted over the past five years set us on a path that led to this book.

When we started out in our international travels, globalization was just getting under way. It was a cavalcade that traveled from West to East—big multinational companies centered in Europe, Japan, and the United States marching out from their corporate fortresses to foreign lands in search of low-cost manufacturing and low-end markets.

Today we look forward and see a new era emerging. We call it globality, a different kind of environment, in which business flows in every direction. Companies have no centers. The idea of foreignness is foreign. Commerce swirls and market dominance shifts. Western business orthodoxy entwines with eastern business philosophy and creates a whole new mind-set that embraces profit and competition as well as sustainability and collaboration.

This is an excerpt from GLOBALITY: Competing with Everyone from Everywhere for Everything by Harold L. Sirkin, James W. Hemerling, and Arindam K. Bhattacharya. Copyright © 2008, The Boston Consulting Group, Inc. Reprinted by permission of Business Plus, an imprint of Grand Central Publishing, Hachette Book Group, Inc. All rights reserved.