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Value Creation in Mining 2012

Taking the Long-Term View in Turbulent Times
January 07, 2013 by Gustavo Nieponice, Thomas Vogt, Tom King, Ross Middleton, Christian Köpp, and Victor Scheibehenne
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This report is the culmination of several months of analysis, research, and compilation of best practices and new ways of thinking about managing a mining company. The insights and lessons it contains are drawn from The Boston Consulting Group’s extensive research and work with leading companies around the globe, both within and outside the mining industry.

The Value Creation in Mining series is an offshoot of BCG’s annual Value Creators report, an analysis of the world’s top value creators across a range of industries. This year’s report examines the performance of 34 leading mining companies over the ten-year period 2001 to 2011. It analyzes the primary drivers of performance, looking in particular at the top ten value creators and how they achieved their extraordinary results.