The Talent Revolution in Digital Marketing

The Talent Revolution in Digital Marketing

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The Talent Revolution in Digital Marketing

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    The authors are grateful to Niall McKinney, CEO and founder of The Knowledge Engineers, for his advice and insights in the preparation of this report. They also wish to acknowledge the assistance and support of Debbie Morrison and the ISBA; Joanne Bolger and the Interactive Advertising Bureau; Sarah Woodley and the Marketing Society; Camilla Woodhouse and the Marketing Academy; Patrick Mills and IPA; Racheal Aldighieri and the DMA; Lars Gibbe and OWM; and Barbara Kolocek and BVDW.

    The authors are grateful to Arzu Yesilova for her work in coordinating the research and developing this report. They also thank David Brooks, Tim Heal, Florian Friedel, and Ian Bartlett for their assistance, and Neal Rich and Thomas Recchione for their input into the survey framework and design.

    Finally, they thank David Duffy for his help with writing and Katherine Andrews, Gary Callahan, Angela DiBattista, Kim Friedman, Abby Garland, Gina Goldstein, Amanda Provost, and Sara Strassenreiter for editing, design, production, and distribution.