The Talent Revolution in Digital Marketing

The Talent Revolution in Digital Marketing

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The Talent Revolution in Digital Marketing

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    Training Programs Are Insufficient

    Employees get it: they recognize that their marketing organizations are not performing as well as they could or should be. They see their companies’ current L&D programs as part of the problem. (See Exhibit 3.)


    Marketing staff are frustrated by the level and quality of the training that they have available. They gave their employers an average score of only 46 for offering “a very effective and impactful learning and development program for digital marketing”—less than halfway to best practice. The retail industry scored especially poorly (39), but none of the sectors we surveyed scored over 48 on this topic.

    Digital training materials are seen as neither up to date (45) nor easily available when they are needed (51). Organizations are not effective at facilitating sharing of best practices (50), and they do not allow staff sufficient time to build their digital skills (47). L&D programs scored slightly higher in the consumer goods and in the public, education, and not-for-profit sectors, but the overall average was only 49.