Winning Practices of Adaptive Leadership Teams

Winning Practices of Adaptive Leadership Teams


Winning Practices of Adaptive Leadership Teams

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    This Focus report and the underlying BCG Adaptive Leadership Teams Survey would not have been possible without the cooperation of the participating clients, whose company and executive names we have kept anonymous. The fact that they chose to take part in the study reinforces their adaptive orientation. Special thanks go to Sandy Ogg, who has served as an external advisor to our leadership studies, and to longtime BCG sponsors of our leadership insights Hans-Paul Bürkner, Andrew Dyer, and Rich Lesser.

    The authors would like to thank the client relationship officers who connected us with their clients: Jorge Becerra, Gerry Hansell, Rodrigo Rivera, Kate Sayre, and Michael Silverstein. Also, thanks go to the team members who helped create this Focus: Arie Barendrecht, Emmanuelle Guonot, Karen Hinshaw, Claire Love, Cortina McCurry, Manaw Mohan, Yves Morieux, Magnus Morin, Martin Reeves, Sarah Rettger, Romain Rosenberg, Leah Sartorius, Pappudu (Pop) Sriram, Valerie Terriquez, Fabiana Vivero, and Natasha Winton.

    The authors would also like to thank Mickey Butts for his editorial assistance, as well as other members of the editorial, marketing, and production staffs, including Gary Callahan, Daniel Coyne, Sarah Davis, Angela DiBattista, June Limberis, and Cleo Race.

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