Winning Practices of Adaptive Leadership Teams

Winning Practices of Adaptive Leadership Teams


Winning Practices of Adaptive Leadership Teams

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  • How to Strengthen the Team’s Adaptive Capability

    To increase the level of adaptation within a leadership team and throughout the organization, adaptive leaders must first assess their team’s performance on the five adaptive traits. They will learn where they are collectively strong and which dimensions they need to further cultivate for the benefit of the business.

    Leaders can engage their team either through a self-reflective conversation or by taking BCG’s Adaptive Leadership Teams Survey (send an e-mail to for more information).

    Having understood their adaptive capability, leaders can apply these insights as they consider the following questions:

    • Which actions and initiatives will enable a more adaptive leadership team and also increase the organization’s adaptive capacity?

    • What happens if the leadership team just continues what it is doing and does nothing new?

    • What are the greatest constraints to increased organizational adaptability, and how can the leadership team mitigate them?

    • Will a specific trait help boost a current business priority, key initiative, or cultural shift?

    Regardless of the focus, the goal is to hone the team’s collective adaptive capability. Leaders who bolster their performance in this critical area can build teams that adapt, thrive, and consistently outperform their industry peers.