Developing Software at the Speed of the Cloud

Developing Software at the Speed of the Cloud

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Developing Software at the Speed of the Cloud

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    Embracing Automation

    Automation promotes speed in cloud software development, allowing teams to launch frequently and independently while maintaining high-quality products. It is often what separates the best software teams from the rest of the field.

    Cloud teams invest heavily in tools to ensure that bugs and glitches are caught quickly. With a single click, developers’ code can be checked in, tested, and deployed. Automation serves as a safety net that notifies developers of small problems before they become large. These systems are not cheap, but they are critical for teams that want to maintain quality.

    New products are generally released as “canary builds” that are staged so that only a small proportion of customers receive an update. If the software encounters issues, the automated system can quickly roll back deployment without affecting the entire customer base. If the software works as expected, it is automatically rolled out sequentially to larger subsets of users and regions until full coverage is achieved.

    Automation improves the efficiency of software development teams by reducing the time they spend in manual tasks such as check-in, testing, and deployment. This downtime can reach 20 to 30 percent—or more than one day a week when developers are not using their creativity.