Brazil: Confronting the Productivity Challenge

Brazil: Confronting the Productivity Challenge

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Brazil: Confronting the Productivity Challenge

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    This report was cosponsored by BCG’s Global Advantage practice and Corporate Development practice.

    The authors would like to thank their many colleagues who contributed to this publication, including Douglas Beal, Aparna Bharadwaj, Vincent Chin, Jeffrey Chua, Hady Farag, Gerry Hansell, Eduardo Leone, David C. Michael, Christoph Nettesheim, Frank Plaschke, Enrique Rueda-Sabater, and Harold L. Sirkin. The authors extend a special thanks to Patrick Cannell, Raquel Cavaco, Ana Carolina Freire, Belizário Rocha, and Ruth Zlochevsky for their thoughtful analyses and keen insights. They would also like to acknowledge Peter Carbonara for his writing support, as well as Katherine Andrews, Gary Callahan, Angela DiBattista, Elyse Friedman, Sara Strassenreiter, and Anna Tustison for contributions to the editing, design, and production of this report.