Global Wealth 2015: Winning the Growth Game

Global Wealth 2015: Winning the Growth Game

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Global Wealth 2015: Winning the Growth Game

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    For their valuable contributions to the conception and development of this report, our special thanks go to the following BCG colleagues, by region.

    Asia-Pacific: Isada Hiranwiwatkul, Saurabh Tripathi, and Yasuhiro Yamai.

    Europe, Middle East, and Africa: Peter Adams, Carsten Baumgärtner, Thorsten Brackert, Pieter Brascamp, Pol Brouckaert, Stefan Dab, Guido Crespi, Dean Frankle, Luís Gravito, Jérôme Hervé, Sergey Ishkov, Til Klein, Ludger Kübel-Sorger, Benoît Macé, Markus Massi, Martin Mende, Tim Monger, Çağri Ogan, Edoardo Palmisani, Stuart Quickenden, Monica Regazzi, Olivier Sampieri, Michael Schachtner, Claire Tracey, and Ian Wachters.

    Americas: Kilian Berz, Marta Calvo, David Bronstein, Nan DasGupta, Edgard Hong, Monish Kumar, Enrique Mendoza, João Moreira, Joel Muñiz, Neil Pardasani, Gary Shub, Steve Thogmartin, Masao Ukon, and Joaquín Valle.

    Core Global Wealth team: Fiona Amann, Gian Gallati, Charles Gardet, Samidha Gupta, Nancy Handa, Neha Killa, Nisha Mittal, Annette Pazur, and Guido Thaler.

    We also thank Freya Jenkins for her support and Andreas Bürkli and Marc Grüter for their risk management expertise.

    Finally, grateful thanks go to Philip Crawford for his editorial direction, as well as to other members of the editorial and production team, including Katherine Andrews, Gary Callahan, Kim Friedman, Abby Garland, Hannah Holbrook, Sara Strassenreiter, and Janice Willett.