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Consumer & Retail

Digital Disruption

January 2017
Digitally enabled delivery is poised to produce the most substantial market disruption ever in the restaurant industry, profoundly affecting brands whether they choose to play or not.
September 2016
Nearly six out of ten luxury sales are digitally influenced. Here’s how brands can shift to the digital mindset they need.
November 2016
For a company with roots going back more than 120 years, a digital transformation brings challenges—but also revelations.

Center for Customer Insight

November 2016
Turning a customer insight function into a source of competitive advantage isn’t necessarily about spending more. It’s about spending smarter.
August 2016
Most customer insight functions report too low in the hierarchy and have too many constraints. The effort to transform CI must begin at the top.
April 2016
Business executives may say that customers are a priority, but many companies—especially large, established ones—miss the crucial signals that customers provide.

Emerging-Market Consumers

November 2016
This market comprises about 150 million people and accounts for $3 trillion in annual spending. Here’s how you can grab a piece of it.

Consumer Packaged Goods

April 2016
Small and midsize producers targeting US consumers’ growing enthusiasm for protein-rich foods and healthier eating were among the top-performing food and beverage companies in 2016.


April 2016
The offerings of most grocery chains are costlier and more complex than they need to be. Here’s how grocers can shake up their operating models.
March 2016
How to boost the odds that your M&A deal delivers the value you’re counting on? Start planning early for success—using a proven five-step process.
July 2015
Brick-and-mortar retailers rely heavily on promotions yet often lack a strategic approach. Implementing a four-part solution can help increase promotion margins by 2 to 5 percentage points.