Consumer & Retail

Luxury Markets
January 2014
Although global luxury markets are growing steadily, luxury providers must adapt to new levels of market complexity—from changing purchasing behaviors to evolving digital technology.
June 2013
Luxury brand companies need ecosystem models that let them keep control of their brands while forging partnerships to acquire new competencies, channels, markets, and products. 

Value Creators

December 2013
Consumer companies continue to meet or exceed investor expectations. There is no single right strategy for delivering value in this industry, as top performers know.

Winning in Emerging Markets

April 2014
As China goes digital, consumers are changing their behaviors. Companies need to know where and how to interact with these consumers—both online and off.
March 2014
BCG polled 10,000 African consumers about their shopping behaviors, purchase intentions, and planned spending for more than 20 different product categories, from autos to snack foods.
February 2014
China’s growing market for health and wellness products presents an enormous opportunity for companies that understand Chinese consumers and how best to reach them.
December 2013
The middle and affluent class is growing faster in Vietnam and Myanmar than in any other Southeast Asian nation.
January 2014
Millennials engage with brands more extensively than do older consumers, expect a two-way relationship with companies, and share feedback widely. Marketing will never be the same.
March 2013
U.S. Millennials will enter their peak period of earning, spending, and traveling in five to ten years. Forward-looking companies are developing targeted strategies and tactics now.
A New Age for IT
December 2013
BCG and the Grocery Manufacturers Association spoke with leaders of consumer-packaged-goods companies who are looking to IT to drive growth using tools such as social media and big data.