Consumer & Retail

Retail Sector

April 2015
BCG’s analysis shows a striking mismatch between the places where Brazil’s leading retailers operate today and the sites of future demand growth.

The Consumer Value Creators Series

December 2014
Travel and tourism companies have created strong value for investors over the past five years, thanks to the global economic recovery and increasing travel by people in developing markets.
Branding & Loyalty
Consumer Products
November 2014
Consumers choose brands and experiences, not industry dining segments. Smart brands navigate through shifting industry currents by adjusting their brand experience to changing consumer needs.
November 2014
Sooner or later, there will be no low-cost countries left to meet apparel makers' needs. But keeping labor costs down is not their only option.
October 2014
A tight linking of all the aspects of brand management ensures that companies leverage their most significant asset—employees—to create more powerful and relevant brands for today’s changing world.
June 2014
Products that address environmental or social concerns have gone mainstream and now take the lion’s share of profitable growth in groceries.

Digital Effectiveness

September 2014
Advertisers that use advanced targeting techniques reach an engaged audience in ways that increase relevance and enhance the consumer experience.
October 2014
New research finds that many industry executives worry about securing top talent—and not only for creative roles. Five initiatives can make a difference.
October 2014
A survey conducted by BCG and The Network shows that 64 percent of workers around the world would take a job abroad—and generally not for economic reasons. For HR executives, the emerging trends have huge implications.