Change Management

Change Management


Change Management

An Interview with the Chairman of Lotte Group


March 2014
These six leaders favor fluid decision making. They impart a directional vision for their organizations to follow. Finally, they embrace complexity rather than wish it away.
March 2014
New CEOs are particularly vulnerable during their second year. Their survival may depend more on their credibility—and on making a number of bold strategic moves—than on results.
June 2013
Top executives play a critical role in the fight against corporate hubris. Leaders who follow the perpetuity principle can develop profitable, sustainable, and trusted businesses.
January 2013
Question the conventional rules about taking command of a business. Some are seriously misguided and can easily lead a new CEO astray.

Implementing Change

July 2013
By restructuring its organization to better meet the needs of a changing world, Save the Children is having a greater impact on the lives of children everywhere.
December 2012
Organizations can successfully manage change—and make sure the changes stick. BCG explains the impact of the Change Delta.
December 2012
When ING Bank set out to merge its two separate banking units, it got the results it sought by sticking to Change Delta principles.
Organizing for Success
February 2014
In a fast-changing world, CEOs need to build or strengthen their companies’ capabilities to win, and they must do so in an enduring way.
June 2013
By following an approach based on the answers to four questions, organizations can reshape the organizational context, reset behaviors, and achieve the culture they want.
Sparking Change
September 2013
A good brainstorming session isn’t something that you jump into—it’s something you design. Here are five suggestions to help your team generate better ideas.
October 2010
A new approach to scenario planning can deliver enhanced strategic creativity and preparedness much faster, while increasing engagement.

CEOs on Transformation

October 2011
Looking to fundamentally alter the trajectory of your company? Chief executives share their insights on how they successfully effected transformative change to turn around a global organization.


July 2008
BCG's Jeanie Duck distills her vast experience in coping with the practical and emotional sides of change in ten easy-to-read—but not necessarily easy-to-follow—lessons.
October 2005

In Harvard Business Review, BCG’s Hal Sirkin, Perry Keenan, and Alan Jackson outline a time-tested approach to ensure the success and durability of corporate change efforts.

January 1968
Bruce Henderson wrote that all organizations must adapt or die. So why are the forces of corporate culture so set against change?
November 1993

Managing change isn’t like operating a machine or treating individual ailments independently. In Harvard Business Review, BCG’s Jeanie Duck says it’s like balancing a mobile.